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How To Save Your Dry Skin During The Winter Season

Coleen Paller 4/07/2016

While winter is a delight to many, this season also sends many people into desperate measures in order to stop their skin from peeling and becoming just as rough as sandpaper. It’s easy to stay warm, but your skin doesn’t need just warmth, it needs moisture. If you are one of these people (or you know someone dealing with this emergency), here are some effective tips for keeping your skin nourished and supple during Australia’s severely drying winter.



Your mother or older sister may have lectured you about exfoliating during your teenage years, but there is definitely a lot more to exfoliating than just rubbing microbeads or a rough mitt all over your face. For some skin types this is just too harsh, and can cause excessive reddening and peeling. If your skin is sensitive, consider exfoliating with chemical exfoliants. These are safe and gentle acids that work to exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin without the need to scrub or rub anything.


Heavy Moisturisers

As much as we’d love to just get it done and over with and get sorbolene, most of the time that is not enough against Australian wintertime. Invest in thick facial moisturisers that have a gel consistency with plenty of vitamins such as vitamin A and E. Not only do they increase your skin’s elasticity, but they also provide plenty of nourishment.


Face Masks

Face masks aren’t just for fancy facials. There are plenty of face mask sets you can get for home use, whether as an applied cream or a sheet. They provide extra moisture on top of your facial moisturiser, and encourage the skin to absorb its nutrients due to the prolonged contact of the face to the mask.


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Eye Patches

It’s easy for eye bags to develop from dry, irritated skin. Irritated skin tends to feel itchier and thus the temptation to rub it is great, which results in broken blood vessels and dark eye bags. Soothe these blood vessels and add extra moisture with cool eye patches that usually come in gels or sheets that you can leave on for up to half an hour. Your eyes will thank you.


While the environment gets colder and windier, it doesn’t have to reflect on your skin. Trick everyone into thinking your skin has always been perfect and you’ll feel a little better and warmer this winter.

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