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How to Turn your Bedroom into a Sleeping Sanctuary

Georgia T 8/09/2015

Its estimated that around a third of Australian adults don’t get an adequate amount of sleep. Being sleep deprived can cause stress, overeating, reduced brain function, and a significant drop in energy levels. There are many factors which can affect your quality of sleep including the kind of environment you’re sleeping in. Sleeping in a low quality bed, in a room that’s too bright, or surrounded by too many visual stimuli can all contribute to sleep deprivation. Here are a few simply ways to transform your room into a tranquil sleeping sanctuary.

Invest in a Good Bed
Having a supportive bed base and mattress are crucial to ensuring a good sleep as they help to eliminate tossing and turning and promote spinal health. Buying quality natural fibre bed linen, and sleeping with a seasonal doona will also help to keep your body at optimal sleeping temperature.

Make it Dark
Increasingly, artificial lights from external sources or electronic devices are keeping people awake as they suppress melatonin production (the neuro chemical that makes you sleepy). Restore darkness in your bedroom by banning your electronic devices, investing in some luxurious curtains that block out the light from the street, and introducing softer lighting with lampshades, candles, or even a bohemian bed canopy.

It’s tempting to fill your bedroom with all of the things you like and find meaningful but this is probably preventing you from reaching deeper levels of REM sleep. Your brain needs white space to unwind before sleep and so keep it as neat, subdued, and empty as possible by placing your clutter into some stylish storage boxes or moving it to another part of the house.

Choose a Subdued Colour Palette
Bright colours stimulate your brain and prevent it from unwinding in a similar way that clutter does. Decorating your room in a subtle colour palette like neutrals or pastels sends your brain the message that it’s time to go to sleep.

Decorate with Plants
Plants will increase oxygen and humidity in your bedroom promoting better breathing and a more restful sleep. Indoor plants are enjoying a design renaissance at the moment and there are many fantastic, low maintenance options that are small enough to place in an elegant pot on your nightstand.

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