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How To Up The Comfort Factor Around Your Home

Zaina Parekh 18/10/2016

Our homes have always been our sanctuaries. We look forward to heading home after a long day at work, so we can unwind and chill. We set countdowns ‘till the end of the academic semester so we can enjoy a warm and relaxed holiday at home. Our homes are the one place we are truly ourselves. No one cares what we’re wearing, whether our hair looks good, or how much we eating.

This however, is granted that every part of your home is comfortable enough for you to just walk in, drop your bags and fall. Be it in the living room, your bedroom or even the backyard. You want to be able to curl up in cushions, binge watch TV shows or movies and eat junk food. Yes, this can be done even on wooden furniture, but is the comfort level the same as it would be amidst cushions and blankets?

I know what you’re thinking, just because there is a mattress sale doesn’t mean you can put a bed in every part of your home. That would be very space consuming and not very pleasing to the eyes either. What about other furniture though? There are so many things that could get you bed-like comfort and are perfectly suitable for different parts of your home.



Are stackable chairs easy to use and store? Yes they are, but are they comfortable enough for you to sometimes fall asleep on? Imagine watching Netflix on your flat screen as you lay down and get comfortable on a grey leather sofa, with a bowl of popcorn or ice cream or chips, and you slowly fall into deep sleep. Sleep that you’ve been longing for. A nice comfortable sofa set in your living room can do that trick. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive. Consider the size of your living room and how much space you would like to allocate to your new sofa. Similarly, set a budget. This will be the bed-like comfort you are seeking but for your living room. Walk in through the main door, hang your bag on the stand and fall onto the sofa.



So what can you do to make the kitchen or dining area comfortable? We don’t want to fall asleep in the kitchen or on the dining table, but we do still want it to be cosy. Have you considered getting a soft, fluffy and warm rug? Say goodbye to the hardwood or tiled floor and cover it with a nice rug. Add some colour to your kitchen or follow to the same colour theme as is already present. Never regret forgetting your home slippers under the couch or bed, walk around feeling as if you’re on clouds.



We always think that the backyard is only for the plants and storing bikes or the occasional outdoor party. In reality though, you can replicate your living room and dining area in your backyard. Have the option of eating in or out every night, still in your jammies but eating out.
Furnish your backyard with outdoor modular lounges which despite being waterproof, UV damage and dust resistant are as comfortable as the leather sofa in your living room. On a breezy yet warm Sunday afternoon, take your power nap in the backyard. Sleep like a baby and wake up to a blue sky. Isn’t it the best of both worlds?

Similarly, you can get wicker furniture for your outdoor dining area. Enjoy a glass of wine in your backyard after a long day at work and unwind, or eat your Sunday brunch out in the open.



Invest in an air humidifier. These humidify the air, disinfect it and create an aromatic environment. Pick your favorite fragrances (yes, plural because if you keep using the same one, you will start growing indifferent to it) and get immersed. Aromatherapy has been known to act as a relaxant and a great mode of stress relief.


They say a clean and comfortable home results in a clean and comfortable state of mind too. If you are well rested at home, you will be more active and alert at work or in your classes. So, who says not every part of your home can be as comfortable as your bed? Set up, call your friends and family over and prove them wrong.

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