How Tools Will Get You Your Dream Home

Patrick Hurley 30/05/2016

With the changing landscape of the Australian economy, it is very important for us to save all their dollars and cents. House prices keep going up, interest rates are low and without expecting it, we could be in line for a major recession in the next decade. Saving every dollar, you can now for you and your families is vital, and only spending it on smart, cost effective products is the way the go.

One of the most expensive payments we need to make for our homes is paying your energy bills. Depending on your energy provider, the amount of an average bill for utilities such as water, electricity and gas can range from $2,500 to a whopping $10,000 a year. With our typical medium home price almost 9.6 times (In Melbourne) as much as our average income alone, you could be paying up to $100,000 during that time just on utility bills alone. Now, that’s a lot of money you could be saving.

However, changing certain tools and equipment in your home could be very beneficial. Not only are using energy efficient products be great for the environment, but over time can save you thousands of dollars on your utilities. Here are a few options on products that are great energy savers for your home.

1) Solar Power Stations

These power stations have become very popular for their functionality and being a well-made product. Whilst used a lot by tradies, they have become a must-have item in homes as well because of their multi-purpose functions. Power stations are great to have at home as they can be used for functions such as a jump-starter, air compressor, and USB charger for your mobile devices. With continued advancement in energy-efficient products, power stations are now a part of the advancing energy saving market, with solar panels being attached to continue producing power, without the use of batteries and electrical charger.

2) Solar Panels

Whilst solar panels have been available for almost 2 decades, the availability and efficiency of the panels have greatly improved. Solar panels have been able to gain energy throughout the days and continue to produce energy when needed for all your utilities. From heating your water, to producing continuous heat in your home, these panels are providing completely free energy once installed. Whilst the panels are relatively expensive to purchase and install, the long-term savings include up to 30% off all utilities, meaning you could be saving up to $3,000 a year.

That’s a great way to save a lot of money, and pay off the dream home you always wanted.

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