Keep The Little Ones Outdoors This Summer With These Cool Rides

Zaina Parekh 17/08/2016

It’s not only annoying to find your little one sunk into the couch, staring at the television or playing the playstation all day, everyday - but also very unhealthy for them. They aren’t getting any fresh air, they aren’t meeting friends in person and they’re probably going to gain a lot of weight by just slouching around. They might even get thick “grandpa” glasses before they even become teenagers, they’re going to become lazy, and still have so much pent up energy that they don’t sleep well at night- the list goes on and one.

Here are a few cool new rides to surprise them with to make them want to get off that couch, out of the house and show off in front of their friends.


Vroom Vroom Speed Away

Young boys these days watch all these action movies or cartoons where the “hero” rushes in on a bike and saves the day! They start using the broom at home to imitate this - because they don’t actually have a bike of their own (do you see where I’m going with this?) Electric motorbikes are very popular amongst young boys these days. They’re still 100% safe, so don’t worry about your little one trying to imitate stunts and falling off - but they do still add to the thrill and experience. You can get a police bike, a tomcat bike, you can even get them a BMW kids bike online! They come in different colours and styles to resemble the real big boy bikes that your little boy dreams of getting one day! Let your child choose their favourite design and color so it truly feels personalised to them. This will ought to keep him outdoors more often! Just make sure that you do keep an eye on them when using these toys as they can move at fast speeds, especially down flat roads.

Go, Go, Go Kart!

Every time you ask him or her to step outside and play for a while, do they come up with a sneaky comment like “then take me go-karting” or “can we go to the arcade parlour?” or “can I go to my friends house for a sleepover?” Well, sending them to a friends house for a sleepover technically beats the purpose of them playing outdoors and you can’t possibly buy a pacman machine to keep at home because then they’ll never go out, while taking them somewhere new every time is not something you have the energy for. So what can you do? You can now buy a kids go kart for sale which they can simply ride around the block. They stay outdoors, they get to go-kart and you don’t have to take them out to entertain them. It’s a win win situation for you and them at the same time.

A Bit More Old-school?

Do you ever feel like you want your kids to grow up playing with the same toys you grew up playing with, so you can both share the memories as they grow? I mean, there weren’t so many option for us as kids, were there? We had the option of a bicycle or a scooter. We rode, we fell, we scraped our knees, but we also made a million memories. You think you can only share these memories with your little one but not the actual experience. That can change! Get them the same children’s scooter you had as a kid, or a kids bike that resembles your old one - and let them make new memories which you can then compare to and share! It won’t only be good physical exercise for them, but a great way for you to bond with the children too!


There you have it! These are cool rides that will definitely get your kids off those couches and out in the open for at least some parts of their summer holidays. Not only are you letting them have fun but you are training their motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. Encourage your kids to drop the devices and start playing the more natural way with kids ride on bikes and karts every now and then. It’s always better to have a variation of play.

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