Kickstart This Spring With The Party Everyone’s Going To Talk About!

Zaina Parekh 10/08/2016


As the winter begins to fade, kickstart this spring by throwing a fancy outdoor dinner party for your friends and family. The perfect weather, the blossoming flowers, the chirping birds are all going to call out to your nature loving side. Don’t stop yourself. Before you know it, the summer will kick in and then it might become too hot to be able to have a dinner party or a cocktail session outdoors.

Here are some basic guidelines on how to go about it:

First things First, Outdoor Shelter

Yes, the whole point of this party is that it is outdoors, but you do still want to get a pop up sun shelter to keep the bird droppings and dust away from the food and drinks your guests are eating and drinking. Make your guest list first and get a nice portable gazebo that accommodates enough. You’ll still be outdoors, enjoying the fresh air along with the food and wine (perhaps) - but also not be unsheltered - so to say.

It’s all about the Food!

If it’s going to be an intimate event with just a few close friends and family, then consider cooking yourself, but if you intend on going big, then excuse yourself from the hassle of cooking for so many and hire a caterer. Lets face it, people come to parties for the food so make sure you pick the right caterer. Another option is go PotLuck! Get everyone to make something small and bring along, this adds variety and different flavours to the food and in turn your party too.

Get enough cutlery..

Many-a-times, we get so preoccupied with all the other preparations for a party that we forget the most important thing. The Cutlery. The things your guests are going to eat in and with. You don’t want to have to go on a last minute treasure hunt to find enough matching plates, bowls, cups and spoons for everyone (disposable options recommended here, so cleaning up is easier). Ensure you stock up on these even if you buy extra, you can always use it again the next time. Having more is better than having less.

A Place to Sit

Standing up and eating finger food is okay, but when you want to dig into that main course you need a table to put your plate on and a chair to sit. These don’t have to be exorbitant. Consider a big plastic table which you can cover with a nice table spread to make it look pretty and yet cut costs. Accompany this with stackable chairs. These are affordable yet comfortable enough, and convenient in a way that you can stack them up and store them away after the party for the next one. Another option would be to rent tables and chairs for a few hours - if you don’t want to deal with the storing after.

There you have it. The basics of your “Let’s Make the Most of This Spring” party are covered. Add the other little details you want like gazebo tents and personalise this party to show your taste. Don’t forget to actually make the most of it and have fun yourself too!

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