Must Have Back To School Supplies

Brooke Lindsay 11/07/2016

It’s back to school for little and big kids across Australia! From pencils to backpacks, your school supply list is probably a long one. After purchasing snacks, uniforms, backpacks and more, your bank account may be a little worse for wear.

Do your bank account a favour and save on school supplies by shopping online. It’s the easiest way to compare prices and save time and money. Check out this back to school list of supplies that will save you time and money!

Alarm Clock

There is little chance the kids are going to get up without one. An alarm clock ensures they are woken up with enough time to get dressed, brush teeth and have a healthy breakfast to start their day off right.


Kids usually choose their backpacks based on how they look. While, parents look for sturdy backpacks that are going to last. Get the best of both worlds with a school and travel laptop backpack. This backpack comes in a range of colours and is perfect for older kids who carry laptops.

You should also keep in mind the size of the backpack! This blue backpack with fabric markers means they can design their own style.  

Mini Bar Fridge

Our range of black mini bar fridges for sale are sleek, convenient and affordable. Mini bar fridges are a great way to stay organised for school. Every week prepare and stock their mini bar fridge with healthy snacks and school lunches.


The kids will need a space at home where they can focus on projects and homework. Their workstation should be ergonomic and have no distractions. This stunning desk is simple but will encourage things to get done! With ample work space and storage, the kids can spread out to their hearts content!

Office Chair

A comfortable and supportive chair means they will sit comfortably while they work. This chair is super comfortable and adjustable for their requirements.

Reading Lamp

There’s nothing worse than having to strain your eyes whilst working. This multi-functional LED Reading lamp is amazing! It has 4 different light modes, a dimmer and USB port. Besides being energy efficient, LED lamps run much cooler than conventional desk lamps, and you can expect the LED globe to last for 10-15 years.

Casio Calculator

We all remember using the Casio Financial Calculator in school and how expensive they were! Don’t waste your money, get it at a great price and help your kids solve their math’s problems with ease.


Laminate those school projects and awards so they don't get ruined. This laminator warms up in just 30 seconds.

We hope everyone has a great first day back at school, work hard and aim high!

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