New life for old mattresses

Lilly Carr 26/06/2015

Regardless of how much you love your bed, there comes a time when the mattress needs to be replaced. This usually means the end of it, with it sent to the dump, or put into storage until this notoriously difficult to get rid of object can be disposed of properly.

However, it doesn’t have to be the end of its usefulness. There are many great ways to repurpose a mattress and give it a new lease on life.
Making it useful once again

1.  Give it away

The most obvious way to keep a mattress in service is to simply give it to someone who needs one. They can be great for spare rooms, or for students to take away to university. Homeless shelters and charity organisations are always interested in items they can put to use helping less fortunate people.

2. Sell it

Only possible if it is still in good condition, it is a good way to offset the cost of your new one or gain a little extra cash. This option will require you to ensure it is clean and odour free, so you may have to pay for it to be cleaned thoroughly.

3. Create a piece of art

A mattress is essentially a large blank canvas, and once covered in an artwork, it will cease to be simply a mattress. The possibilities for expression are endless, whether you choose to incorporate what it actually is into the piece, or simply use it as the canvas, it will be an eye-catching talking point.

4. Use it for parts

Mattresses include many elements than can be used for a variety of projects. The stuffing is ideal for using in cushions or reupholstering furniture, the buttons and fabric can be used in sewing, and the springs have myriad of creative uses. They can be turned into light fixtures, wine racks, garden stakes, and almost anything you can imagine.

The environmentally responsible choice

Whether it’s because you’ve out grown your king single, or simply want something new, replacing your mattress doesn’t mean the end of your current one. With a little thought and planning, you can turn a problem into an opportunity and prevent it becoming landfill.

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