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Q & A with Amy Kennedy (@amyrosekennedy)

MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

Amy Rose Kennedy’s fashion and beauty blog has just been listed as one of Australia’s up and coming lifestyle influencer blogs for 2016. Amy first created her blog just over a year ago and since then it has been a success. Her posts aim to give the everyday girl some fashion inspo and advice on favourite beauty products and tips. With regular posts on weekend outfits that don’t break the bank it’s no wonder Amy’s blog is such a hit.

What is your name?

Amy Rose Kennedy

Tell us a bit about yourself..

I dream of being an established blogger! I love all things fashion and beauty. I want to share with girls my age my sweet little finds and to remind my cyber girl squad that a little self love goes a long way.

What is the name of your blog?


How did you get into blogging?

Blogging began as a creative outlet for me, it was a personal journey that I used as a positive means to build my self esteem, confidence and self love.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include..

Affordable fashion and beauty finds.
Tips and tricks on how to feel & look great on a budget whilst not compromising on style and quality.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love drawing inspiration from fashion mags, Pinterest, and I regularly muse on some of my fave bloggers.


What got you into fashion and styling?

I love that fashion and style can be so individualized. I feel it is an outward expression of your inner self.

What are styles in fashion and design that we should be looking out for this summer?

Pastel and muted toned basics
Cold shoulder feminine statement pieces
Fresh whites
What are 3 all-time fashion staples everyone should own?
Denim Shirt
Statement sunglasses
Classic white tee

What are 3 bedroom décor or furniture staples that everyone should invest in and for our audience at home, what colour scheme can’t go wrong?

Glasshouse Candle, I'm totally crushing on the Kyoto scent.
Fresh blooms, always make any space feel pretty
Cable knit throw, the 'must-have' for every wind-down moment.
I personally think you can't go wrong with a monochrome colour scheme.

Fashion trends are always on the move and it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming trying to keep up. Luckily Amy’s blog stands as a platform where the ordinary girl wanting affordable but quality fashion can gain some inspiration. Are you needing some serious help with what to wear this weekend? Check out Amy’s regular Friday Fix post where you’ll be sure to fall in love with her fashion and styling options.

You can follow Amy at her Instagram.

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