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Q & A with Barbara George (@barbaramckellar)

MyDeal Team 28/10/2016

After becoming a parent, it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest trends, and look your best every time you go out. More often than not, you throw something on and run out of the house because you’re always running late. You end up forgetting something, and really can’t afford wasting any more time to go get it.

Not everyone understands this situation - but Barb has been there, and is here now to give you tips on how you can make it easier.

From the sunny lands of Brisbane, Barb is one of our up & coming parenting bloggers and influencers across Australia. She’s managed to make our heads turn with her simple yet trendy styles!

Here’s your chance to find out for yourself...

Saturday sunshine in @stfrock

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What is your name?

Barb McKellar

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a wife and mother to a beautiful baby girl, Ruby. I am a lifestyle blogger who loves all things fashion, beauty, food, interiors and travel. I am currently living in sunny Brisbane, QLD.

What is the name of your blog?


How did you get into blogging and what inspired you to start up Barbara George?

I have been inspired by fashion and beauty from a very early age, mainly through reading fashion magazines. I wanted to do something creative as a hobby so after completing studies to become a Professional Stylist, I was introduced to a web designer and that provided me with the motivation to put my idea of a blog into fruition!

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.

I like to think of my blog as a lifestyle space therefore my articles are not just about fashion per se. I also like to talk about beauty, travel, babies, food and home style. I carry this theme over on my social media pages as well.

Do you have any future plans for your blog for the next few years?

Any spare time I have (which is limited these days!) I am thinking about how I can grow my blog! I have so many ideas that I would like to see through in the near future. One of which is to start my own online store.

For our busy mums who need to get out the door quite quickly, what are some fashion staples that they should invest in that will always result in a fab outfit?

It can be difficult to get out the door looking fab when you become a mum as you always seem to be rushing. These few items have become lifesavers for me:

A good B&B cream (I always feel better with a little bit of coverage)
A quality basic T-Shirt (Assembly Label is my favourite brand)
A comfortable pair of jeans or shorts
A pair of shoes that require no effort to put on, such as a pair of slides. (It is so good that they are a huge trend this season as they are perfect for Mum’s!)
An oversized pair of sunglasses – A MUST!
A scarf or neck tie is also a good way to elevate a simple outfit to make it look chic
A good quality handbag


How did you alter your sense of style when you were pregnant with your children?

I deviated as little as possible from my style while I was pregnant apart from the obvious, bigger sized clothing to fit my hefty bump! I found that going up a size in items that I would normally wear was enough and as a result I didn’t have to invest in many “maternity” items. I did invest in a good pair of Asos maternity jeans and shorts though. Cotton On was also a good place to find stretchy dresses for cheap as chips.

Your taste in interior design is amazing – how did you childproof your home (if you did) for young kids?

Thank you! My interior style is very minimalistic, consequently we didn’t have a great deal to de-clutter. We did all of the usual things like had our TV mounted, protected all power outlets, covered sharp edges and moved chemicals out of reach however, I do believe that supervision is the best child proofing. Unfortunately, cleaning has increased - it feels like I vacuum and mop every second day! I am also fully trained in First Aid and CPR.

What are 3 items you can’t live without when you travel with kids?

Three items would be plenty of food and water, hats and my iphone.

You can follow Barbara at her website Barbara-George and on Facebook & Instagram

Editors Note ** 

To apply Barbara's tips on child proofing your home we suggest the following a baby bouncer from our Baby Equipment range to make supervision more easy! 

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