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Q & A with Demie Liew (@demzlw)

MyDeal Team 7/11/2016

When it comes to home decor, it’s always difficult to find that happy balance between being trendy and letting your personality shine through. Not every store has exactly what you’re looking for, and if you’re trying to make your home perfect, it can take a long time to get there.

Luckily, with the help of graphic designer and stationery enthusiast, Demie Liew, you won’t have to look much longer for your perfect decor. Her simple and sophisticated style is an easy way to inspire you for your next project, and her Instagram alone is so beautiful, it can occupy you for hours!

It’s hard not to fall in love with her style and talent; get to know her below!

What is your name?
My name is Demie Liew.

Tell us a bit about yourself..
I’ve just turned 24 and I’m a graphic designer by profession but I’m also a stationery enthusiast– I’ve got my own Etsy shop selling prints and cards on the side of my daily 9am-5pm job.

What is the name of your blog?
I actually don’t have a proper blog site but I curate a lot of my content through Instagram– or as I call it my “visual blog” (@demzlw) and my personal portfolio website (www.demieliew.com) which is where I feature some of my creative content.

How did you get into blogging?
Personally, I felt uninterested in the concept of writing– to me, as a designer and someone who is very visual, I wanted to connect with people through the eyes. I also just didn’t have the time to write content for a proper blog when I was working (then) two jobs, which is where Instagram instantly became my solution to that.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include..
I like to include a bit of everything– fashion, lifestyle, food, anything personal.

What was the inspiration behind starting your flatlay segment?
To be honest, it all started from seeing everyone else do flat lays on Instagram. I got inspired by other creative users and it just gave me that “I can do that too” attitude. Eventually I started picking up tricks of the trade and since then have had the priviledge of people sharing some of my images and even being published in the “Collective Hub” magazine twice.

Favourite interior trend?
I’m probably going against everything most interior blogs are saying is so ‘out’ for the year but I love a clean and minimal look, so lots of white spaces and even the usage of marble and stainless steel (when done right)– I love the sophisticated vibe! My style is very much Scandinavian like.

Worst interior trend ever?
Prints, anything from chevron to animal prints and the old school ornaments. I just think it looks tacky.

What are some themes/ styles/ colours we should look out for in summer across fashion and design?
There’s a few– bolder colours are coming into play (e.g. the corals, blues and even emerald greens) people are learning to embrace colour, metallics have been also really popular (e.g. the usage of rose golds in homeware and shoes), and I think the concept of bigger and oversized is the key this summer in terms of fashion. There’s a big play of vintage fashion trends like ruffles, bell sleeves and frayed denim that are making an appearance too.

You can follow Demie at her website Demie Liew and on Instagram.

Editors Note **

Apply Demie's interior tips and start decorating your spaces with bold colours for your decor, tables, office chairs and more!

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