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Q & A with Kate Nelson (@meetookids)

MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

Kate here is all about experiences and sharing them with us! A Mum of 2, Kate ensures they have every experience they should and want - and then writes about it so other parents can get first hand feedback. Kate does not fail to impress and inspire us!
This Melbourne loving, adventurous mum has loads to share, from activities, food, shopping, events to other parenting tips.
Heads up guys - she is one of Australia’s most up & coming lifestyle influencers for a good reason!
Take your pointers first hand right here.

What is your name?

Kate Nelson

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a mum of two, Immi is about to turn 11 and Charlie is 8 - as everyone says they grow up so fast! Before I became a parent I worked as a designer and also in PR, so it turns out publishing a blog is kind of a natural fit (not that I knew this when I started, and for the record I was an industrial designer not graphic!). I am a long-time lover of Melbourne, having lived in a few cities around the world I know that Melbourne is still the best place in the world!

What is the name of your blog?

Meetoo. Meetoo came from something my son used to say when I began the blog - which was “me too, me too” whenever I announced I was doing anything or going anywhere.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.

Meetoo is mostly reviews of places, events and activities we have loved experiencing as a family (and some of it is just the kids). All the memory making outings we have made. My blog is where you will find the detailed reviews of things we’ve done or seen, my Instagram is a bit of a live feed sharing things we’re are doing as we go and Facebook is a place where I share links to events, shows, my reviews and other things I find useful as a parent.

How did you get into blogging and what inspired you to start your website Meetoo?

If you travel or live somewhere else you go out of your way to experience as much as you can of your new environment - I did a lot of that in my 20’s. So when I became a parent I was determined to use this time in my life to get out and experience as much of my home town as I could - and relive my childhood favourites through the eyes of my children.

What are some affordable activities that families can do this summer?

My kids love anything to do with water - the local pool, a trip to the beach, a water fight, a visit to the Adventure Park in Geelong. On really hot days we like to escape to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum or to a movie.


….And just for the parents?

In January there is a fabulous event that is loads of fun for both the adults and kids - So Frenchy So Chic. Sitting on a picnic rug under a shady tree, sipping champagne and listening to the cool sounds floating across from the stage while the kids are off playing cricket and climbing trees - it’s bliss! {http://meetoo.com.au/so-frenchy-so-chic-in-the-park/}

Name 3 Christmas presents that are great to give to kids this year?

Micro Scooters recently released an adult size scooter and now the whole family is covered!! Other than that we love games, books and new clothes - so all of those are on the Christmas list. {http://meetoo.com.au/best-places-to-scoot-micro-x-docklands/}

What is an easy, affordable and quick recipe that you would recommend for busy parents this Christmas?

I have to admit Christmas baking is not my strong point as I am from a family who’s baking game is strong - why mess with the masters. My favourite festive dish is a bowl of fresh cherries. Hardly a recipe, but definitely easy, quick and (depending on the season) affordable.

You can follow Kate at her website MeeToo and on Facebook & Instagram.


Editors Note **

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