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Q & A with Loreta Waqatairewa (@chopsandpie)

MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

 Dressing your child is one of the most exciting things about being a parent; you can dress them to suit their personality and make them look like the coolest kids on the block.

However, it is always difficult to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, and Loreta Waqatairewa is here to help you keep on trend with your kid’s clothes, while still letting their personality shine through.

Creative, innovative and inspiring, Loreta is an inspiring, whose style and confidence is truly amazing. It’s easy to see why she’s one of Australia’s up and coming parent bloggers.

Read all of her tips and tricks and get inspired!


What is your name?

Loreta Waqatairewa

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m a Mum of 3 (Uraia 8, Malakai 3 and Sera 1) and I also have 3 step daughters. When my children are asleep, I’m a graphic designer and I may as well pump coffee intravenously into my veins lol

What is the name of your blog?

@chopsandpie on instagram but I also have a blog about my special needs son called “Chops and Pompy”

How did you get into blogging and what inspired you to start up your blog/ Instagram ChopsandPie?

I had wanted to start supporting small and local businesses, then a mum joined our playgroup and her son was a Brand Rep on Instagram and from her I discovered the amazing world and community of Instagram Stores, Brand Reps and all the awesome kids fashion that was out there and I was hooked! It was great way to also use my creative side and involve my kids. I’ve made some great friends through instagram and get a lot of support from all the amazing mums on there.
My Chops and Pompy blog was started as a way to talk about our journey with our special needs son and connect with other special needs families.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include...

My instagram includes fashion photos of each of my 3 kids, store promotions and flatlays. You’ll also get snippets into our every day lives as well with my sons health. My blog is a more in depth look at the regular struggles (and joys) we face as a special needs family.

Do you have any future plans for your blog for the next few years?

My eldest has just been asked to be a part of a photoshoot for a brand I really love, so that’s a bit exciting. He has gotten a lot of love on instagram and I think it’s so awesome and important to see that kind of inclusion happening and I’d like to keep pushing that and raising any awareness we can. But generally we’re just having some fun and seeing where it goes.

Wow your kids are so incredibly stylish, what are some kids fashion trends we should look out for in summer?

Winter was pretty monochrome but now I’m starting to see a lot of colour and metallics come in. Also Tan/latte is looking so good right now.


Your flat lays are very inspiring and we love that they are entertaining to read. What inspired you to start this collection of pictures?

Thank you! Instagram shopping can get expensive so I started creating the flatlays as wishlists and also as a way of sharing some love to the businesses even though I hadn’t been able to make a purchase yet. I wanted to put my own spin on the traditional flatlay, so I made them into characters and after creating one of my characters sitting on a swing it reminded me of some Drake lyrics and from then I started adding lyrics. Mostly I do it for fun but sometimes I get requests for certain items to be used as well.

Do you also get your kids involved in creative activities? Can you recommend some for our families at home reading this?

We’re a fairly creative family in general. My husband is very musical and the kids have picked that up from him, Uraia in particular loves music and will come from the other side of the house if he hears his dad on the guitar. Malakai loves to draw, one of his favourite things to do is chalk drawing on the pavement and Sera already picks up pencils and tries to draw. My stepdaughter and Malakai like to create their own obstacle courses in the backyard and then race around them.

You can follow Loreta at her website Chops And Pompy and on Facebook & Instagram.

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