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Q & A with Marisa Simeone (@marisasim)

MyDeal Team 7/11/2016

When it comes to interior decorating, personal taste and what’s on trend may not always go hand in hand. However, when it comes to the talented Marisa Simeone, owner of blog A Little Bit OCD, keeping up to date with interior trends and keeping a grasp of your own personal style is effortless.

With three little ones in one arm and a paintbrush in the other, Marisa is certainly an inspiration for decor-loving parents everywhere, so it’s not a surprise that she’s one of Australia’s up and coming DIY interior influencers.

If you don’t believe us, check her out for yourself. Get your paintbrush ready, though, you’ll be planning your next renovation sooner than you think.

What is your name?
Marisa Simeone (pronounced Sim-ee-oh-nee!)

Tell us a bit about yourself..
I’m 35 years old and am from Fremantle in WA. I have 3 kids – 6 year old identical twin boys Jamie & Lucas and a 12 week old little man, Elliott. I’m lucky to be married to my best friend Paul for 10 years.

I’ve worked in the pet industry for over 20 years in a whole range of roles from a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, working with dogs & cats that have cancer through to my current job which is working in sales for a global pet food company.

I am passionate about a whole range of things from: renovating and property to DIY and decluttering.

I’m currently on maternity leave and am excited to get stuck into my blogging a little bit more now that I have some extra time on my hands. We’ve just finished up a renovation on our house so I can’t wait to share what I have done and learnt with my readers.

What is the name of your blog?
A little bit OCD (alittlebitocd.com)

How did you get into blogging?
I’ve always read blogs or used them as a source of reference whether for decorating, DIY or even for beauty hacks. When I decided to start my blog, I thought of it as a place where I could share the things that I love which could also be a resource that might help other people with inspiration for their projects. I also wanted it to form a bit of an online journal that my kids could look back on and see what their mum was interested and passionate about….and so it was born.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include..
My blog is totally random and includes anything that I feel like. Soon it will have a strong focus on our recent renovation but it includes posts on my favourite shops, DIY projects and different rooms in my house.

I don’t have a background in interior design or styling so it’s just my little space to share what I love and help my readers see the processes that I follow which they can replicate at their house.

I was a bit of a late-comer to Instagram but now it’s my social media platform of choice. I love using it to share pictures of my house renovation and my kids pop up on my feed from time to time too

Who is your inspiration?
Depending on what I’m doing and what has my focus at the time, I get inspiration from so many areas. I’m inspired by my friends and family. I’m inspired by people who think a little bit differently and open my eyes up to a different way of thinking.

I’m currently inspired by Marie Kondo who wrote The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up – basically it’s a decluttering book with a twist. I read it just before I had Elliott so she had me nesting like a crazy pregnant lady.


Favourite interior trend?
I can’t go past a monochromatic palette with a hint of brass and some greenery. I love a combination of textures like wood, marble and matte finishes.

Worst interior trend ever?
It’s not a trend as such but I guess it’s a decorating disaster when there is too much going on in a room. Too many photos in mismatched frames, too many cheap kitsch items from a dollar store and just too much clutter in general.

What is your best low cost decoration tip that can make a big impact on your home?
It’s a cliché but painting a room can transform it. I love Dulux Lexicon Quarter for a beautiful crisp white. Also refresh your lighting by adding in pendant lights over a dining table or in an unexpected place. Replacing or adding artwork can also transform a space.

If a member of our audience is looking to redecorate their home - what are two pieces of decor they should invest in?
I think a house that is decorated over time with pieces that you love is more appealing to me then a room that looks like you went shopping for everything in one day. So add your personality through statement artwork and lighting hero pieces.

What is a colour scheme/style theme that can’t go wrong?
There isn’t a style that everyone will find appealing but for me it’s a scandi/minimalist vibe with some personalisation to your taste.

You can follow Marisa at her website A Little OCD and on Facebook & Instagram.


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