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Q & A with Michele Warren (@emily_and_jordan_)

MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

Get ideas for children’s fashion, with this fashionista-mum and her adorable little personal models.

This up & coming fashion-blogging-mum not only manages two children, but also two instagram accounts. One that is all about her personal little models, and the other about stylish baby products.

Michele leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes, get to know her better so she can help you add some sparkle too!


What is your name?

Michele Warren


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am,

- a shopaholic with a weakness for bling

- living a fabulous life with my family and friends

- full of gratitude and positivity


What is the name of your blog?

- Instagram main account @emily_and_jordan_

- Instagram feature account @hangmystack


How did you get into blogging and what inspired you to start up Emily & Jordan?

- have a passion for design, interiors, and kids fashion

- go to local markets and buy gorgeous handmade items

- buy and sell a lot of clothes so I started my own groups on Facebook

- love dressing up the kids and taking photos

- spend too much on clothes and decor so it was a natural progression to start an Instagram blog and become "brand reps"


Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include.
Alongside my cute kids wearing clothes, I create interesting baby/kids clothing and decor posts such as

- "Flatlays" - lying clothes and decor flat

- "Stacklays" - stacking clothes and decor on my hand or on an object

- "Hanglays" - hanging clothes and decor off hooks

- "Shelfies" - decor and clothes displayed in various ways on shelves

- There are also styles such as "chairlays" and "ladderlays" I am yet to try as well.


Do you have any future plans for your blog for the next few years?
I am really enjoying what I am doing and I'm excited for what is in store for the next few years, but open to see where this leads us.
I do however plan to

- continuously improve the quality and styling of my posts

- undertake fabulous collaborations with businesses


We love Emily and Jordan’s outfits, what are children’s fashion styles for summer that we should look out for?

- Monochrome is still fashionable for boys with cool patterns and funny slogans

- Pretty florals, pinks, mustard, teal and vintage styles for girls


What are some easy and quick lunch snacks that you recommend for our parents at home?

- Tuna with Philadelphia cheese on Cruskits

- Turkey, baby spinach and cream cheese toasties

- Scrambled eggs with sourdough bread


You are extremely talented at putting together different decor, what are three pieces of decor parents should consider buying for kids’ rooms?

- Pegboards, you can style them in so many ways

- Personalised items - such as wooden plaques and blocks

- Hanging shelves - with leather straps or wooden beads

What is your favourite home style theme/ colour scheme of all time?

Modern luxe and scandi - glossy white with touches of timber, colour and sparkle

You can follow Michele at her Instagram.

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