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Q & A with So Frank (@SoFrankSocial)

MyDeal Team 4/11/2016

So Frank, a blog run by Sophia Brady, Fran Tapia and Kaet Lovell is one of Australia’s up and coming lifestyle influencer blogs for 2016. The blog aims to share a unique perspective on the modern, urban and rural life in Canberra and the surroundings. After launching in 2015, So Frank is the go to blog if you’re ever considering a holiday to Canberra. From information on up and coming events, travel, advice on culinary hotspots and much more, there’s not a lot So Frank doesn’t offer.

What are your names?

Sophia Brady, Fran Tapia and Kaet Lovell make up the team behind So Frank.

Tell us a bit about yourselves..

Sophia, Fran and Kaet met when they were all part of the Visit Canberra ‘local’ 101 #humanbrochure tourism campaign in 2014 campaign, becoming fast friends with their love of travel, strong coffee, and good food. We learnt so much about Canberra and had a such a great time exploring the region we wanted to continue sharing our experiences. We launched So Frank in May 2015.

What is the name of your blog?

So Frank

How did you get into blogging?

After participating in the Human Brochure campaign we learnt so much about Canberra and had a such a great time exploring the region we wanted to continue sharing our experiences. We launched So Frank in May 2015.

Tell us a bit more about what your social media/ blogs include..

We want to share life in the Canberra region - from Marulan to the Snowy Mountains and the South Coast to Young.

We cover all types of events and stories, with a focus on the region and what people in the region can do both here and elsewhere (travel section).

What inspired you to start up So Frank and where does the name come from?

We wanted to build a community with people living in the region - asking people to share their part of the region by tagging #sofranksocial. It could be the view from their back window, what they do on the weekend, their favourite place to eat/drink or something that is happening in their community. The Canberra region is so diverse - you will see city landscapes, farms, the snow and beach and rural Australia. We share a mix of photos taken by the community, along with our own images of what we are doing. We love watching the community grow, seeing new ‘taggers’ on social channels and meeting people who are part of the So Frank community - we are really grateful for their support.

Do you have any future plans for So Frank and where do you see it heading in a few years?

We plan to expand our travel section. With direct flights from Canberra Airport to Singapore & Wellington, the world has become a lot more accessible.

What has been your highlight travel or event for the year?

Each one of us is an avid traveller, and one of the great things about being a team of three is that it allows us the freedom to travel while the rest of the team looks after So Frank.

Sophia’s travel highlight this year was New Caledonia - the combination of Island life and great french food made for a memorable holiday.

Fran’s travel highlight was rediscovering her roots in the South of Chile. She travelled for 6 weeks from the capital of Chile, Santiago, south to Puerto Natales. Crossing over the Andes into Argentina and making her way back through the islands of Chiloe.

Kaet spent two weeks in the US with her two daughters. This was a girls only - theme park only trip, visiting Disneyland in California before flying over to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. From princesses to wizards and watching fireworks, every day was about making some magical memories.


What are some events/ activities we should do this summer?

Our region has great a variety of events and local producers. One of the things we love to do is head to Young and pick fresh cherries. We also love the coast, and Bateman’s bay caters for both young (beaches) and ‘older’ (freshly shucked oysters).

There are some fantastic exhibitions on in Canberra over the summer. We can’t wait for Versailles ‘Treasures From The Palace’ to open at the National Gallery of Australia, and the ‘History of the World in 100 Objects’ at the National Museum of Australia needs more than one visit to soak it all in.

We know you love to go out for dinner but what is a homemade meal you can’t pass up?

We are lucky to be surrounded by local producers who bring their vegetables, eggs, meats and the like to Canberra. On weekends you can grab all ingredients for your favourite dishes.
For Fran, a grilled chicken on a bed of cauliflower puree with a cucumber and coriander salad is both a winter and summer favourite.
Kaet would opt for a simple fresh pasta with tomato and basil sauce accompanied with a glass of Ravensworth Sangiovese.

We know you have travelled and stayed at a lot of hotels – what has been your favourite colour scheme/ interior theme you have seen that we could apply to our households at home?

We loved the accents of colour at The Capri by Fraser in Brisbane. The bathroom feature wall was so bright, with tiles various shades of green, blues and yellow - balanced against the grey tiles for the rest of the room, it was a refreshing change for a hotel bathroom. The accessories were bright green perspex. The room was a reminder that it is ok to play with colour, the accessories could be easily updated to change the look of the room.

One of the best family hotel rooms we have stayed in was at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Studios in Orlando. The 1950s-60s retro themed rooms mixed simple Scandinavian style furniture with bright turquoise and orange fabric to brighten the whole room up. The room had so many drawers to unpack everyone’s clothes and the small walk-in closet was big enough to store your suitcases. Having all the extra in a hotel storage made the room feel larger, and everyone had their own personal space.

With the help of the Canberra community, Sophia Brady, Fran Tapia and Kaet Lovell plan to expand So Frank in order to share more of what the great City has to offer. It is no wonder this fairly new to the scene blog is one of Australia’s up and coming lifestyle influencer blogs for 2016, as it continues to grow, becoming a platform for advice and information. You can also follow So Frank on facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest and greatest Canberra has on show from the city to the coast, the country to the snow.

You can follow So Frank at their website So Frank and on Facebook & Instagram.

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