Quick Tips for Creating the Ideal Backyard Party

Daphne Ed 13/07/2015

Whether it is the rare glimpse of sunshine after days of gloomy weather or celebrating the coming of spring or summer, if you are planning a party in your own backyard, there are some things to consider. Here are our tips for creating the best backyard party.

Choosing the grub

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is the food you plan to serve to your guests. While many opt for the traditional barbeque, there are plenty of other alternatives for those looking for something a little different. Plan your own siesta and have your guests build their own tacos, provide the ingredients to create your own subs, or even leave it to the pizza guy to deal with and order in, no matter what food takes your fancy, plan ahead and purchase enough to cater for your group.

Consider the weather

Check the forecast before the big day to see what the odds are of some sunshine. Even if the outlook is good, realise the weatherman can get it wrong too sometimes. Our tip is to expect sunshine, prepare for rain.

Don’t want the masses of guests trudging into the house with wet shoes? Opt for a marque or set up your own undercover area by getting creative with some tarp. For those with a garage, park the cars outside and get decorating to create your very own private venue. This is ideal as it won’t matter if there is soft drink spilt or greasy food dropped on the ground as there is no expensive carpet or rugs to worry about.

Setting the scene

Is this a stand up occasion, a proper sit down meal or a casual catch up among friends? Depending on the answer, you will need to find seating solutions to suit. There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture available to suit your needs, from wicker settings and lounges to furniture that can become a permanent addition to your yard with clever styling and colourful cushions.

For a budget friendly option, simply round up some beach chairs, add some colourful touches to your plastic plates, cutlery and cups and create a fun and happy setting that encourages relaxation.

Pest control

With sunshine and great food comes pests. From the irritating buzzing of a couple of flies, to mosquitoes that will have guests remembering your event with bites they’re scratching for days, pests don’t require an invitation to crash your party. Plan ahead by purchasing covers for foods and drinks (yes, flies and bees can enter the holes in cans). Also keep some spray repellent in a visible area for guests to use if they so choose.

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