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Quick tips for designing your new nursery

Jasmine Lapas 27/10/2015

Even if it isn’t your first child, there’s nothing quite like that buzz of excitement that comes with a new addition to the family. Designing the perfect nursery is a task that many of us parents look forward to, and it can really help build up anticipation before the arrival of the baby. Here’s some of our tips for designing a cosy, practical and safe new bedroom.

Start from the basics

It’s worth taking the overall style of your home into account but the main aim is to create a warm, safe and loving space that your child will be most comfortable in as they grow. Before you start thinking about decorations, consider the layout of the room and the major pieces of furniture you will need. Choosing soft, light colours for the walls and keeping the space open and simplistic helps create a calming effect for the baby (and for you!).

Be practical

While we all want everything to look perfect, think about which room can be accessed quickly from the main areas of the house and is furthest away from any noise such as neighbours and busy roads. If you’re thinking about patterned wallpaper, consider wall stickers as an alternative — they can contribute to any theme while being much easier to change or remove once your child grows older and develops new tastes. Keeping the rest of the room less specific to age will help your child feel comfortable for longer before you need to worry about redecorating.

Think creatively

Just like interior design around the entire home there are nearly limitless options for what you can do when designing a nursery. Think about the colours that you and your partner like, and experiment with different combinations that match furniture and items with each other. Once again, it’s important to consider all safety and practical needs and achieve the perfect balance when choosing a layout and decorations.

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