Reasons to spend more time outside

Leo Derrik 26/06/2015

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you should close up your home and hibernate. During the colder darker months, it is even more important to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Even if you only make it as far as your outdoor furniture, being outdoors has many health benefits, and it is simply enjoyable.

Resist the lure of the TV and computer, and be motivated by the following reasons:

Improve your creativity

Taking a walk or simply sitting outside with a book is a great way to improve your focus. Studies have shown that walking outside helps to improve concentration levels, leading to a more fertile imagination and one that is free from distractions.

Get fitter

The outdoors is one big gym, with running tracks, weights, and all manner of ways to improve your physical well-being. Exercising in nature helps keep your workouts interesting, with changes in weather, terrain and scenery impossible to replicate on a treadmill indoors.

Be happier

Exercising outdoors is also linked to mental health, and spending time outside is a recommended treatment for a host of mental conditions, including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Ways to be outside more without really trying

By taking a few simple steps, it is easy to increase your time outdoors and take advantage of the health benefits.

Walk or ride to work – Removing a car journey from your day, whether you drive all the way to work or only as far as the train station, also saves you money.

Walk your dog – Dogs love being outside and they are a great excuse to head to the park, the beach, or around the neighbourhood.

Join a sports team – Every weekend thousands of people head to fields and parks for social sports, look into what your local teams have to offer.


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