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Revamp Your Interior with 2015’s Hottest Trends on a Budget

Grace Keller 26/06/2015

The big flavour of the year is eclecticism. Complementary designs and pieces that look unplanned and coordinated, while being perfectly in-synch. You don’t have to spend enormous sums to show off your sense of style and stay up to date. By taking some simple steps, you can get a modern, on-trend look with a modest design budget and some clever thinking.


Big colours

The fashionable shades this year are rich and bold. Gone are the pastels and watery hues, 2015 is all about deep burgundy, lush bottle green, and vibrant teal. Make the most of the colour’s impact by using a “less is more” approach. Maintain a neutral palette or white or taupe, then add feature pieces and trims for a modern, concentrated and punchy look.


Comfort has become more important than style and the need to keep the furniture looking sharp and pristine is on the way out. Retaining a Scandinavian influence, the current trends have moved more towards warmth, colour variation, and texture. This is also applies to outdoor lounge sets and dining settings.


Cruelty-free furs and leathers are big this year, along with knitted cushions and throws. Natural materials such as alpaca wool and goats’ hair help create a carefully constructed rustic look. Think of the bed hair look for your interior – meticulously planned to look like it wasn’t planned at all.

Buy vintage

Always popular, scouring vintage stores and secondhand markets is the ideal way to collect pieces with authenticity at lower prices. This means you can buy more than required and try out different configurations to see what works.


Minimalistic style doesn’t have to mean sterile walls, book-less bookshelves, and hard, square furniture. It can simply mean elegant and uncluttered. Keep your spaces as functional as possible, this will ensure extraneous decorations and knick knacks don’t take over the room and make it look like a jumble sale.

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