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Simple Ideas For Setting Up Your Sewing Room At Home

Coleen Paller 31/08/2016

Everyone enjoys a bit of sewing every now and then and for more robust enthusiasts, setting up a sewing room can be a bit of a creative challenge. The best way to get set up with your own room at home is all about having the right materials with a few touches of tasteful decor that can compliment everything you already have, such as stitching machines.

Don’t just sit there and look at inspirational pictures of sewing rooms on the telly or on the net, make the dream real for yourself and start working on the best craft room you will ever have.


Which Machine Do You Need?

It all depends on your skill level and what machine will work with your needs without being too simple or complicated to use. An electronic sewing machine is the most standard type and a lot of modern versions have many models that you can shift to depending on the kind of stitching that you need.

If you sew more complicated projects, a computerised sewing machine may be more ideal. This is definitely for those with more advanced skills as types of stitches can be highly customised. If you find yourself working on simpler projects that don’t need custom stitches or embroidery, you can save money and not opt for a computerised one.


Finish Off With An Overlocker

Every sewing expert will definitely testify that neat and professional sewing projects need this sort of machine. Look for an overlocker for sale that can cleanly cut and secure your fabric so that there will never be any chances of your work coming undone or looking untidy and unfinished.



It is definitely not corny to decorate your sewing room with motivational sayings related to sewing or even small pictures of sewing machines and cartoon seamstresses, you can even arrange according to a vintage theme. Let your imagination free.


Don’t sit there and wait, create a sewing haven within your home and start getting those threads ready.

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