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Summer Cheats: How to Effortlessly Appear Slimmer

Stephanie Kalatzis 23/10/2015


We all want to feel confident at the beach this summer. A tan can boost your self-esteem as it produces a slimming effect and hides imperfections. After years of applying fake tan, I understand it can be frustrating to apply. I have discovered some tricks that will make this process easier:

3 Steps to Achieving a Flawless Tan

If your tan appears blotchy or inconsistent, it is likely that you are not following some simple yet essential tips. I definitely learnt the hard way after years of trying to create a flawless natural tan.

1. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin before application of tan. It is the largest culprit of streaky tan.

2. Let it dry before you attempt other activities. You should wear loose clothing as it prevents your tan fading.

3. Applying moisturiser after your tan has developed will extend the life of your tan and prevent patchiness.

The Perks of Owning a Spray Tan Machine

After purchasing my machine I have experienced a lot of perks.

• I can finally hide my cellulite with the setting of the spray gun
• I can create airbrushed abs or definition lines.
• I have a glow on my face which is difficult to achieve using makeup.
• Spray tan tents keep my bathroom clean.

A Manicure

Out of all body parts, your hands tend to be the most exposed and are easily neglected. If you invest in a manicure or paint your nails, it will elongate your arms and create a thinner appearance. Furthermore, it will draw attention away from other areas on your body.

One of my favourite places to look for nail inspo is Beauty Junkie on a Budget. She has the best nail art ideas and has money saving tips. I recommend following her!


Instagram of Beauty Junkie on a Budget: Mario Nail Art

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