Test Your Childโ€™s Technical Skills With These Three Easy Jobs You & Your Child Can Do Together

Jack Trainor 5/10/2016

Spring weekends often consist of many home improvement projects for families. Balancing time between your kids and getting those odd jobs done around the house can become quite a challenge. You want to get things done but at the same time your children can easily become bored turning a productive weekend into a bit of a fiasco.

A great way to conquer your kid's boredom is to get your children working. Encourage their participation and include them in DIY tasks around the home. Rather than having them sit on the sidelines until you have finished, teach them a thing or two so that you can grow closer and give them a sense of independence.

Get them started by coaching them through these easier, low risk jobs:


Be Bold & Build Furniture

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Assembling furniture is a great way to develop a working relationship with your child. Easy to follow instructions mean you can pick out the most suitable task depending on your child's competency. Beds, tables, bookshelves or whatever you may be building will keep your kid busy as they learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment as the furniture comes together.

Start with tasks like passing tools or even find them their very own tools. There are many easy to use alternatives of tools like hammers and screwdrivers for sale.


Work With The Wonder Of Wood

Introduce your child to materials you might find down at the hardware store from timber to metal and fixtures of different kinds. You’ll open them up to a whole new range of ideas and opportunities by showing them materials in their raw stage. Help them to familiarise themselves by getting them their own piece to work on. Take it a step further by demonstrating the use of certain tools. Look for safe to use chisels online to add to their miniature tool belt.


Get Going In The Garage

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For more competent children, working with cars can be an exciting way to spend time with mum or dad. You can do simple tasks such as wash the car or change a wheel with their involvement.

For kids who may not be quite ready for this, start with bicycle maintenance. Similarly you can change wheels, make modifications and clean your bike with your little helper. You may need some tools, so look for easy to use, affordable wrench sets.
Have fun teaching your child new things with simple jobs around the home that they’ll love. You’ll be able to spend more time together and grow together as you get home jobs done.

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