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The 3 Bedroom Essentials Your Child Will Definitely Love

Coleen Paller 16/09/2016

Children can be some of the most pickiest individuals, especially when it comes to the design of their clothes, toys and even their room. Though the irony is a little obvious because plenty of children don’t even like tidying their rooms! Many children’s rooms can be quite messy and hard to maintain, but one thing you can do to keep it presentable and unique is to utilise the right designs with some key items in the room.

These are what most people would feel their gaze is drawn towards when they enter the room- what would most likely distract and take their attention away from any slight messes around. Keep these areas and elements in mind and start making your child’s room amazing.


Toy Box

Far too often, these boxes in a child’s room are large but plain or even clear, which can definitely show how disorganized toys are inside them. Pick toy storage boxes with a fanciful but opaque design and place them at the foot of their bed or next to their wardrobe where they can be easily seen. If it has a unique or peculiar design, the eye would be naturally drawn to it.



If your child loves to read and they are always pulling books out of the shelves, chances are bookcases can easily become messy-looking and cluttered. Unfortunately, if you do not have the time to tidy the books every day, then why not work at it from another angle? Pick a bookcase that will look classic even if there is a little bit of clutter. There are plenty of designs of childrens bookcases for sale online and instore, pick a design that stands out on its own.



To your child this will be quite important. You can opt for a creatively designed lamp with amazing colors (or even multi colours) or you can try the more nostalgic option. Get ceiling stickers of stars and planets that will glow in the dark and recharge during the day, so your child can look at them dreamily during bedtime.


It can be a challenge to keep a child’s room neat, but maybe the key is actually designing it so that it still looks appealing and adorable even if there is a little bit of mess. Some of the most charming rooms in the world are the ones that look comfy and warm, not spotless.

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