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The 3 Easiest Storage Hacks For Your Living Room

Coleen Paller 2/08/2016

There are many things that traditionally should be in the living room. This could include entertainment units, reading materials, space for meals and device stations, aside from several living room units. But this space can be a lot more limited once extra items are brought to the area, items that people frequently use like toys, charging gadgets, extra reading material and even documents.



Storage trays can come in baskets, plastic sections and even little boxes. The best thing about them is that they can be used in any small space and can utilise the area for storage while being neat and looking tasteful. Customise how much you want to store and buy storage trays and baskets based on the most likely size of the items you think would need to be put away.


Corner Shelves

With a few pieces of sturdy timber and nails, you can easily have them cut into the correct dimensions of a corner of your living room. You can then attach them to the wall. This will not only utilise a usually empty space, but can be an area where you can put decor as it is very visible and can catch the eye of those who enter.


Ottoman Chests

While you can always use a great foot stool in the living room for more comfort when you are resting, why not get an ottoman that will work in more ways than one? Ottomans that double as storage chests are an excellent, subtle solution for storing items without taking any extra space within the living room.



Yet another living room addition with double functions, sideboards can serve as a table for decor and usually has drawers and cupboards in its main body that you can easily use for storage. Make sure to pick a solid timber sideboard that will fit your storage needs. The most common option is a white sideboard buffet, as it fits against any colour scheme.


Getting more storage space to keep your living room tidy doesn’t have to warrant a renovation or anything complex. Simply pick the right units that will also offer storage or make use of a usually empty space!

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