The 5 Ultimate Car Hacks That Will Save Your Day

Coleen Paller 6/07/2016

When we drive, we usually think we are all safe and well as we are inside the whole time we are travelling. But people should really know better- accidents can always happen inside the car, and you’ll find yourself cursing at stained seats, smelly interiors and other pesky drivers.

Most cars have a lot of space and compartments, so take advantage of it to put a few choice items inside (and outside) that will save you a lot more trouble in the long run.


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1. DIY Dashboard Cam

You know you don’t have to buy an actual dashboard camera from anywhere just to feel better about your insurance, right? Simply get a mobile/tablet holder that you can attach to your car shade or has a suction attachment for your front window and use an Ipad or an old mobile phone with a dashboard cam app and record your daily drives.


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2. Plastic Spray Paint

If you are a newer driver and a little cautious about how you park and scrape against other surfaces (hopefully not other cars), you may want to see how your parking accuracy is. Use plastic spray paint on your wheel guards and look out for any scratches in the plastic paint. If not, you’re better at it than you think you do! Don’t worry, you can easily peel plastic paint right off. Or you can do some freelance designing.


3. Wipes

Most people have tissues in their car, and while that is quite useful, when it comes to accidental spills and messes with food (or a misdirected sneeze), a wipe will do a lot more. The cheapest options are baby wipes, which you can get in bulk. Not only where you wipe will be cleaner, but can also smell even better, depending on the wipes you choose.


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4. Tools

You never know when you’d have an emergency, and sometimes small mishaps can be fixed with small tools. A small screwdriver set, a hammer, pliers, open and closed spanners, flashlight, duct tape, gloves and jumper cables are the basics to have. You can always get tools and power equipment online in Australia if you don’t actually want to drive to a retail store.


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5. Emergency Bag

Besides a first aid kit, your car should have a vomit bag and a spare set of clothes. You can never be sure about what may happen and your passengers aren’t either. If the wipes aren’t enough to clean everything, you can rest assured you have a spare set of clothes or at least a vomit bag to prevent the mess in the first place. This is especially helpful with long distance trips.


Don’t let yourself be caught unguarded next time something happens in your car. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

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