The 6 Filthiest Places In Your Home That You Don’t Notice

Coleen Paller 6/07/2016

Usually when we’re cleaning, the first place we turn to is the toilet and the bins. While it is true they are hotbeds for germs, there are plenty of less obvious places that you need to pay attention to in order to minimise germs. It only gets easier to catch something during the colder months, and cleaning more effectively can reduce the chances of getting sick. You may want to get a head start cleaning these spots now.


1. Kitchen Sink

It’s not so much as the dirty dishes themselves, but more of the sponge you use to clean them. Change your sponges often. Pay attention to the dish rags you also use to wipe the counters as well, they are often not washed properly and if left for long periods can grow a lot of bacteria. 


2. Bathroom

This goes especially for the sink rather than the shower. We always wash our hands in there but don’t spend any time washing the actual nozzle or the tap. Bathroom vanities with tops with makeup and products can harbor bacteria, due to the spaces underneath these items rarely being cleaned. Make sure to lift the products and wipe the area underneath regularly.


3. Door Handles/Switches

They are the one of the most often touched places in the house, and often by visitors and pets too. It won’t hurt to spray them with cleaning products, a little wipe will be the only maintenance needed.


4. Dirty Laundry

Surprisingly, but at the same time not so surprisingly, dirty laundry has plenty of dirt, stains and smells from your contact with the outside of world and is already full of germs. Leaving them unwashed for longer times is just multiplying the bacteria severalfold.


5. Electronics

Probably what we come into contact with the most, devices seem to be wherever we are and the items we touch in between touching everything, clean or dirty. A simple solution would be to have a small pack of wipes or hand sanitizer with you to wipe your devices every now and then.


6. Shoe Rack

Of course, our feet and shoes catch all the dirt that we step on from outside. Then they all come together at the rack at the end of the day without being washed. Gross. While cleaning every shoe with every use is inefficient, try using an antibacterial spray on the area everyday.


This coming winter, the flu and bacterial infections are ripe and there is no reason not to safeguard ourselves and make our lives a little easier. You will thank yourself for it, and everyone in your home will also thank you for it.

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