The Benefits of Travelling Alone

Surbhi Tyagi 24/03/2016

Broadening our horizons from a TV screen is merely not enough anymore. Why should we vicariously ‘live’ our lives through friends and our favourite characters from films?

The answer is that travelling the world is much more feasible than it was in previous generations.

Below I have listed some of the many advantages from travelling the world alone.

You gain a new experience: Travelling the world allows you the embrace new cultures and traditions. The point is to make up your own conclusion about a place as opposed to you have have heard or read.

You become street smart: While reading books can prepare you about certain precautions, it is nothing compared to the real world. It is no surprise that you may find yourself in a sticky situation however,after some experience you can learn to trust your gut instinct.

You meet new people: If you have an outgoing personality then this is definitely the answer for you! It is very likely that wherever you are travelling to will also be inflated with many other tourists. It is a great opportunity to keep an open mind and start a conversation with the person besides you admiring the great architecture.

You adapt to new situations: Let’s be honest, no one likes to get get our their comfort zone. We may feel like we are unable to handle certain situations. It can be very rewarding when we have unlocked success in an area that we never thought we could accomplish. This also encourages us to a adopt a ‘risk taker’ mentality in the future.

You’re not bound to anyone, only yourself: Have you ever felt obligated to participate in an activity just because your friend wants to? The beauty of travelling alone is that you can customise your very own itinerary, ticking all the boxes that you desire.

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