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The Denim Bib:Statement Piece or Fashion Faux Pas

Surbhi Tyagi 28/10/2015

Everything looked so generic it was almost painful spending $50 on a basic t-shirt. I was beginning to feel like a robot on the assembly line, scrolling down endless pages of ASOS. My fatigued fingers and failing battery life had nearly given up on me, until I came across the strangest looking item. I raised my eyebrows and tilted my head to the side, as my eyes enlarged to the size of the moon.

It was a denim bib…for adults?

My disbelief was fading away and the luminous light bulb was exalting above my head. A voice echoed within, “What a perfect piece to add to collection of clothes”. Personally, I am a huge fan of the collar shirt/jumper look.

To my dismay, all of my shirts were always too chunky to squeeze under a jumper so it just appeared as an over layered wardrobe malfunction. This bib however, is mastered with denim material that tailors the collar of a shirt. As opposed to having stocky shoulder pads like Michael Jackson did in his Thriller music video. If Ralph Lauren were to redesign collared jumpers, this would be it. That’s because this bib is much about chic then it is about practicality. Now that is creative. I couldn't recall the last time I had seen or heard of anything so eccentric.

Prior to my discovery of the denim bib, nothing had recently galvanized me to shop. I had become numb to all of the current “trends” and it was causing me to shop aimlessly. I know it all sounds a little dire, but it constituted the snowball affect on my life because style was one of the primary ways I chose to express myself. In all honesty, I was never fond of the word fashion. Something about it would make me cringe. Fashion to me is seasonal, temporary and standard.

What I am a huge advocate of is self-expression.

So you might be wondering why I’m rambling on about a bib that is barley visible. Without sounding too trite, it wasn’t the bib itself; it was rather an item that was going to spice up my dull wardrobe.








Surbhi Tyagi is a student studying a bachelor of Arts/Commerce. Her flexible degree allows her to keep an open mind with a wide range of multi-disciplinary subjects. Inbetween pondering the mysteries of the universe, her passion for learning is canvassed through interests like exercising her rhythmic moves on the dance floor or immersing herself into the mechanics of film.

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