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The Importance of Dressing for Yourself

Carmela Morales 8/02/2016

Fashion trends come and go, and a lot of us love to stick to them. If you love following the hottest trend, never forget that you can always apply it to your own personal style. Give that trend your own personal taste! After all, the world of fashion shouldn’t be a box – it should be a way of expression and an extension of you as a person. Style icons are ‘icons’ for a reason –they’ve showcased their personalities within their style, not simply because they’re doing what everyone else is doing.





1) Don’t get caught up in what people think

These days, it can be a little hard to be confident in our fashion choices, especially if it goes against the newest trend, or what everyone else considers ‘normal’. In the end, people don’t care about your clothing choices as much as you may think. Sure, for a second – they might, especially if it doesn’t match what they themselves would wear, but soon they’ll move on to the next thing that pops into their head. Getting caught up in what other people think can just mean missed opportunities to express who you are. When it comes down to it, if you think you look and feel great, chances are – you do. Anyone who says otherwise simply has a different taste in fashion, and that’s okay too.

2) You’ll be more comfortable

Dressing for yourself can also greatly help in building confidence, because as long as you are relaxed in what your wearing, you aren’t worried about what other people think. If you hate to wear heels, then don’t. If you’re more comfortable with skirts instead of jeans, there’s no rule that says you shouldn’t be. Each person has a different taste in fashion – some people like to dress up, while others like to dress down. How boring would it be if everyone wore exactly the same thing?

3) A first impression that lasts

First impressions can sometimes be very important. Whenever you meet someone new, of course you generally want them to like you. For a lot of people, meeting new people can be quite a daunting task. So, what better way to make a good first impression than by being in an outfit that you can be yourself in? This can make meeting new people much easier because you’re a lot more comfortable in what you’re wearing and you can put more energy in being a fun person to be around.

We’re all fashion icons in our own right. It all depends on whether or not you’re willing to look past how others want you to dress, so that you can express yourself in your clothes. Who knows, you might end up setting your own trend one day!


Carmela has a love for writing, and all things beauty and fashion. She loves to keep up with the latest trends and find inspiration from things going on around her. Her favourite things about beauty and fashion is that they are a means of expressing yourself, and that you can interpret each trend in your own way. There’s nothing Carmela enjoys more in her spare time than to read a good book or catch up on heaps of tv shows. She also loves to hang out and take pictures of her pet rabbits, Peanut and Coleene. She is currently studying Arts and Commerce, and is majoring in PR and Sociology under her Arts degree. One day, Carmela hopes to travel the world and experience the many cultures it has to offer.

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