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The Life of A Bodybuilder

Dan Harris 15/10/2015

Since the broadcast of Louis Theroux’s documentary on bodybuilding aired in 2009, the landscape of the fitness industry has changed dramatically. Not only have weight gaining trends changed, ideal body image has evolved. The rise of social media has brought new responsibilities for bodybuilders and has given the public deeper insights to their lives. This particular episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends followed the lives of women body builders in the lead up to competitions. Whilst this documentary presented facets of their personal lives, daily rituals and their dedication to the sport, we now have the ability to dig deeper into their lives.

Louis Theroux highlighted two obvious rituals; training hard and attending competitions. To follow up on Louis Theroux’s 2009 bodybuilding documentary, current day bodybuilders experience the following: 

1. Overspending on Supplements and Protein

There has been a huge leap in the use of protein products and supplements such a pre-workout to assist bodybuilders.

2. Becoming a Part Time Marketer

Bodybuilders are now considered influencers of the masses through Instagram, and it is common to have commitments to brand promotions. Having a social media following is integral for body building professionals to promote their image.

3. A Focus on Squats

Body ideals have evolved to focus on larger quads and toned buttocks.

4. Fitness Expos are a Highlight

Attending and presenting at expos such as the Arnold Classic Australia is highly popular with bodybuilders. Not only is it a source of motivation is a great way for bodybuilders to meet others with similar interests.

5. The Mentality of “Once you Start Lifting you Will Always Feel Small”

Body dysmorphia is a reality bodybuilders face; they strive to be the best they can be.

6. Striving to Get Adequate Protein Intake

You find yourself having a protein goal in your head every time you have a meal and go through a process of deliberation.

7. Going too Hard on Cheat Day

Having a cheat day is a process body builders use to maintain balance in their life but many face the struggle of having a week’s worth of cheat days in one day.

8. Going from 0 to 100 in Fake Tan

When competition day arrives you find that you are now a completely different colour. Spray tan machines are your best friend when it comes to showing off your hard work. It is not about beauty it is about achievement.

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