The right size bed for your room

Emma Darrel 26/06/2015

People choose different sized beds for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s due to your physical dimensions, the bed is for more than one person, or you simply prefer a larger or smaller bed. However, sometimes people are restricted by the size of the room the bed needs to be in.

Make the most of your bedroom with a well-planned layout

Determine the amount of floor space by measuring the length and width of the room. Make a plan of where the dresser, desk, bedside table, chairs, and any other furniture you have will go. Measure these items and subtract them from the available floor space.

A clever layout can make great use of the available space, while keeping the doors, windows and wardrobes clear and operational. By planning ahead with a basic blueprint on a piece of paper, arranging the room can be a painless, stress-free undertaking.

Common bed sizes and suitability

There are many sizes available, each with their own pros and cons. Generally, it is encouraged to buy as much bed as affordable, as that will fit logically in the room. No one has ever complained that their bed is too big, but a small bed when a larger one can be accommodated will cause endless frustration.

• Single – The smallest adult sized bed available, they are designed for one person. They are popular as a child or teen bed, and easy to transport and arrange many ways in a room due to their compact size.
• Double – Popular among both single people and couples, they can comfortably sleep two people and are ideal for giving sole occupants a little more room.
• Queen – The queen mattress and bed is slightly larger again, providing sleepers with enough room for couples and singles. Ideal for medium to large room, it offers the extra luxury a double bed lacks.
• King – The most sought after and luxurious of all, a king bed is exactly as regal as it sounds. Designed for large rooms and perfect for people who want the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

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