The Top 5 Things Every Lazy Person Should Have In Their Bedroom

Author : Coleen Paller.  Published on : 4/07/2016

The bedroom can be a great place to relax and the best way to stay comfortable for longer is to have a convenient supply of whatever you need or use nearby. This doesn’t have to make your room filthy and crowded (unless that’s your style), but there are ways for you to optimise any room so you can sit back and enjoy with everything you need.


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1. Universal Remote

There isn’t enough words to express how much of a wonder a universal remote can be. With how many devices, consoles and speakers we all have in our modern entertainment systems nowadays, it’s just a must! Unite your TV, speakers, blu-ray (or DVD), and gaming consoles with a universal remote and say goodbye to remote racks. Not only does it make your life easier, but saves you space as well.


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2. Mini Fridge

Mini bar fridges are not just the stuff of hotel rooms. It is a lot easier to get a mini fridge and install it in your room than you think. Store your favourite drinks such as wine, soft drinks and even small snacks in order to keep them cool and fresh- as well as within arm’s reach. No more long trips (they seem long, anyway) to the fridge outside.


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3. Bluetooth Speaker

When you are using a much smaller device, you don’t need a long AUX cord that only keeps getting tangled to have surround sound. Long cords are a tripping hazard and can only make your room look more messy. Invest in bluetooth speakers that have several small consoles you can place in different areas of your room and connect wirelessly. Whew.


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4. Massage Pillow

All set up with a movie, device, snacks and sound? The only thing missing is a nice massage and you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have an in-house Thai masseuse (one day, maybe). It doesn’t have to be a large massage chair or a bulky foot massager. Get a small pillow massager you can place against your back, neck and any other area within the comfort of your own bed.


Now you’re all set! Are you ready to make your bedroom your favorite area of the house? It’s not just for sleep- you can turn it into a cinema, massage parlor and a bar all in one. Being lazy has never been so amazing, and there should be no shame in it.

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