The Top Camping Equipment You Can Still Use At Home

Coleen Paller 21/09/2016

When you go camping and pack everything that you need it can be quite exciting, but when it’s all over the bothersome cleanup and storage is what’s next. But you don’t always have to put everything away, some of your camping equipment can still be used for so many tasks and events at home. Be a little creative and make use of them within your home, they shouldn’t be useful only when you’re out camping.

Have you thought about using these camping essentials for anything else than their original use?



A swag mattress is perfect as a sleeping bag for sleepovers. If you have children in your family or you’re planning to stay at a friend’s house, these are the perfect portable beds. Many of these mattresses are built for comfort and warmth in the wild, so you’d be even more comfy if you’re using it inside a house. Keep your swags in an easily accessible place such as a cabinet just in case anyone plans to sleep over.


Ice Box

Your ice box cooler may serve you well out in the bush, but indoors it can become your best friend. If you like drinking by the telly or have a mini bar without a fridge, an ice box can act as your portable wine fridge, once it has enough ice to keep it going for hours. It is such a bonus as you do not need any electricity to have your ice box chilling your drinks. Don’t put your cooler away and set it up by the entertainment area.



A camping tent definitely sounds like it should belong outdoors, but if you have a smaller tent like a kids tent, you can use it as not only a decor but as a hidden storage area. For the kids it can be a small play area where they can keep all their things in. If the tent has a door or a flap, you can store toys and other small units within it and keep the flap closed, where it will be hidden from view and would not reveal any messes.


Make use of your camping gear beyond just the camp, they can be more helpful than you realise.

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