The Top Essentials To Have When Adopting A Small Rodent

Coleen Paller 19/09/2016

It can be a very exciting time when your or your whole family adopts a small rodent as a pet, these can be anything from adorable bunnies and mice down to guinea pigs that everyone will love. Which isn’t that surprising as they are quite adorable. You will definitely have to have a home set up for them and there are so many essentials that you need such as animal hutches.

These types of pets, like many others can be quite sensitive to their surroundings so it is optimal for them to have a comfy and safe home that they will also love themselves.


Rabbit Hutches

These are adorable homes that would be perfect for them to settle into, depending on the size and how many pets you are planning to have. There are even more specialised wooden rabbit hutches that can have installations inside such as play centers and extra food refreshers if you want to spoil your new pets. The most natural look would be a wood finish, but if you want a more playful feel, plastic hutches can come in plenty of bright colors to brighten up their area.


Creative Food Containers

If you plan on engaging your new pet to a great extent, go beyond the traditional food bowls and feeders to take care of your rodent. Online you can find feeders that have fun buttons, step triggers and bright lights that your pets can trigger and learn to use when they want to release food. It is also an effective type of rewarding exercise for them.


Cozy Basket

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Besides having their own home, you can definitely take a step further and assemble a cozy basket for them. This can simply be a small basket that you can cover with a lining of wool fabric or cotton linen so that they can crawl into the space and be comfortable and warm. It would be like a second home that they can relax in.


These options are also great for other types of small outdoor pets like birds and chickens, but just remember it would be better to get chicken houses for sale for them. But, making eating time fun and creative while providing a second home is something that will definitely improve the comfort and quality of your pets’ lives. Happy home, happy life.

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