The Ultimate Essentials For Your Pool, Summer Is On Its Way!

Coleen Paller 11/08/2016

Even though we can still feel the chill, before you know it winter will pass and the warm weather will return, so it is best to get ready for the summer. If you have a pool this means a lot of maintenance and cleaning to ensure the pool is ready for you and the kids (or if it’s just for you, then it’s time to spoil yourself!).

Besides all the burdensome tasks that you have to put up with to get your pool ready, you can also get a bunch of fun things like inflatable swimming pool toys and other essentials to enhance your swimming pool experience. We promise these will be more enjoyable to get (compared to a pool cleaner, per se).


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Beach Balls

Anyone can play with blow up beach balls, you don’t have to be a kid! They are perfect for games like catch, water polo and even a bit of water volleyball. You don’t have to worry much about injuries as they are very gentle and resilient to popping. 


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Play Tables

If you have kids who love pretending they are at the beach, the perfect solution would be a sand and water play table that they can fill and play with. They can even play at the pool or beside the pool, whichever you prefer. This is especially great for those who don’t actually like using their pools often (or don’t have one themselves), as kids can play at these tables even indoors.


Baby Pool

If you want to keep a good eye on the little ones while they are playing and you don’t want them to be in the pool, you can never go wrong with having an inflatable baby swimming pool nearby. This way you can watch over them and then they can play in the big pool later with you.


Aside from kids beach toys that can be used by both adults and children, you can also get kits of pool party games. Get ready for summer and have all the fun stuff ready when the sun comes out!

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