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Three Rules for Buying the Perfect Rug

Erica Bloom 1/07/2015

1. Fit it to the room

Regardless of the style you choose, your rug needs to suit the space. Too big and it will be susceptible to damage and more of a hindrance. Too small and it won’t work with the room the way you need it to.

There are innumerable options for how to configure the layout of your room. The most common are:

Living room

Classic layout - Position it in the centre of the room and arrange the chairs against the wall. The front legs of the chairs and sofa should be on the rug, with the back legs on the carpet or floorboards.

Floating layout – Place the rug in the middle of the room with the chairs and sofa on top. It should be large enough for all your furniture to sit completely with its border.

Dining room

Standard layout – Your rug should protrude two feet either side and end of the dining table. This will leave enough room for the chairs to sit on the rug, protecting the carpeting or hardwood floorboards.


The 2/3 layout – The rug only needs to be under the lower two thirds of the bed, leaving enough to extend out and create a border to walk on. Generally, up to the nightstand is a good guideline as to how far up the bed the rug should be positioned.


2. Select a material that works for you

There are many different types, each designed to work in different parts of the home. Ones that are woven from natural fibres such as jute and hemp, are hard-wearing and perfect for high-traffic areas such as entrances and hallways. Longer pile or tufted styles are more delicate and work in areas that are subject to fewer people walking around, like a lounge or dining room.


3. The perfect pattern can make or break the room

If the room has a lot happening, such as in a bedroom where the quilt is vibrant and detailed, try a neutral style. However, if the lounge has a basic colour couch, a dazzling pattern can give the whole room a lift and make the furniture pop.

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