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3 Ways To Make Your Patio More Summer Friendly

Zaina Parekh 17/10/2016

With merely two months left to summer, it’s that time of the year when we start planning camping trips, outdoor parties and the sort. In trying to settle major plans, we tend to overlook the possibility of the smaller, more spontaneous ones. Random dinners out in the backyard or a lazy sunday afternoon with a cold beer and long talks. Although these are spontaneous plans by nature, they depend on one common element - the environment in and around your patio. If your patio is rusty or dirty you wouldn’t want to sit outside, on the other hand you would find reasons to sit outside on a clean and welcoming patio.

2016 has flown by and so maybe you, just like us haven’t had the time to think about what to do with the patio. Not to worry, below we have a few DIY tips for you to make your patio ‘spontaneous plans’ ready. Feel free to add your own!


#1 Comfortable Seating

Optimal comfort is the key.

    • Furnish your patio with cushioned chairs, hanging chairs, an outdoor lounge set or even pool chairs. With new waterproof and UV damage resistant furniture available for sale, maintenance for the same has never been easier.
      • Accompany your seating options with a center table for convenience, so you don’t have to keep holding on to the bottle of beer or the plate of food.
      • To add the final touch, invest in a patio umbrella and fit it right above the seating area. Avoid excessive sun in your face and enjoy the warm summer breeze.


#2 Greens

A lush, green patio is always more welcoming than a brown or grey one. Although, maintaining the grass and trees can be challenging. Especially for a busy and working household.

      • Lay synthetic grass that looks like normal grass but requires less than 25% of the maintenance.
      • To add some natural greenery, invest in a few pre-planted flower pots. A few that you can hang, a few that you place on the ground. All you then have to do is water them once a day or as instructed by the gardener.


#3 Lighting

Insert adequate lighting around the patio, focusing on the seating area. You can choose from small light poles, fairy lights, LED lights and the like. Brighten up your patio even at night, so it’s always welcoming of all your family and friends.

Make no excuses to stay indoors when the weather is so nice outdoors. Make your patio summer ready so you don’t necessarily have to go to the park or a campsite to enjoy the season’s delights. All these products can be bought online or in brick and mortar stores around Australia. Spend a coming weekend with your family or housemates to clean and furnish your outdoor space.


You can always inaugurate your newly furnished patio with a ‘Hello Summer’ outdoor party on the first weekend of summer!

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