Top 3 Essential Tips to Host the Perfect Aussie BBQ

Adreana Gerry 13/07/2015

We’ve passed the shortest day of the year (yay!), so now the days will only be getting longer in preparation for the long-awaited warm days of spring and summer. The football season comes to a close, and Aussies nationwide band together to cheer for the Baggy Greens.

Summertime in Australia is such a great fantastic time of the year. Whether it’s a result of the vitamin D caused by the sun or something else, people’s moods seem to brighten. The noise of cicadas ring true on a barmy night, and the days seem to last forever. It’s the time you spend outside with friends and family over, breathing in the unmistakable scent of a cooking barbecue.

Rocking the comfiest outdoor lounge setting on the block coupled with a fairy light set-up that rivals Clark Griswold’s will only get your reputation as barbecue hosts so far. That’s why we’ve put a list of the three tip-top essentials that’ll make your barbie one to remember:

1. Know how to handle the hotplate

While possessing George Calombaris-esque skills isn’t required, you do need to have a reasonable grasp of what you’re doing. Temperature required, methods, and cooking times will vary depending on the type(s) of meat you’re working with, so be sure to do some research prior to showtime. Remember, nothing says ‘never again’ like a spirited bout of salmonella.

2. Prepare ample amounts of esky space

Fridge space for the really excessive stock that you or your guests bring is important, but not even in the same league as providing plenty of eskies full of ice. You know there’s nothing like a fresh frosted drink straight from an ice bath, and chances are your guests feel the same way. Stock up on bags of ice from the nearest supermarket or servo shortly before kick-off to save it from melting before anyone arrives.

3. Relax

It sounds simple, but sometimes hosting friends and/or family can cause a bit of stress with all the running around involved. This is number one on our list for a reason – it’s summer and you’re about to spend some quality time with some great people! If you feel you’re getting a bit hot under the collar, stop for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and put on some Cold Chisel.

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