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Top 3 Retro Sofa Lounges

Patrick Hurley 13/05/2016

Like the resurgence of Vinyl music, retro furniture has made a resurgence of its own, and in a very impactful way. Whilst your parents may not want to buy something that they had during their formative years, retro lounge suites and sofas have become incredibly popular with the younger adult demographic. The style is representing a very influential time of change and rock n’ roll. Now, they are able to have a piece of retro furniture that represents that era without hurting the hip pocket. Here are some ideas for perfect retro lounges that would be great for any home.

1) Faux Linen Fabric Sofa Bed 3 Seater with 2 Pillows

This beautiful sofa is a great mix of a retro style, incorporating features that are modern and sophisticated. This 3 seat sofa keeps the retro sixties look with the characteristic tones of dark grey fabric and traditional oak legs for the structure. The practicality of this lounge allows for an easy DIY assembly, and has great adjustable seating for your suitable needs. With the ability to convert the sofa into a very spacious sofa bed (with pillows), this incredible piece of furniture would be great for any home living area.

2) 3 Seat Sofa Bed Lounge w/ 2 Cup Holders in Grey

This couch has an impressive contemporary retro design, that allows for natural blending into any home décor. Using faux linen fabric and quality thick cushioning and armrests, the lounge was made with the intent on being around in your home for a very long time. What makes this lounge stand out is the sleek foldable panel of cup holders and snack space, allowing for a relaxing and accommodating feature for any lounge room.

3) Sixty 3 seater Sofa Lounge- Light Blue

What this traditional sixties piece does that no other lounge does is create an incredible ambiance in any home décor it is placed in. This elegant 3 seater sofa allows for a room to have a traditional sixties feel, without taking away from the features of the home. The beautiful light blue upholstery, with sleek wooden legs (for the base) has made the sixty look vibrant and sophisticated without taking away the core design elements that were present during that influential time period.

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