Top 5 Tools Everyone Should Own

Brooke Lindsay 1/09/2016

There are just some tools everyone should own. Whether you're putting together some furniture, installing a ceiling fan or fixing your bike, you need to have the right tools on hand. It seems as though the younger generation doesn’t always worry about having a well-equipped toolbox and they just rely on others. It's time to get organised and make sure you have all the tools you need the next time something needs fixing. Anyone can own any tool they require for any job! With easy access to a huge range of tools online at the most affordable prices. Here are the top 5 tools everyone should own.

1. A Hammer

If there is one thing that everyone should own, it is a hammer. A good solid hammer will last you a lifetime and can be used for multiple jobs. Great for knocking nails into the wall and hanging your artwork around the home. A claw hammer ensure you can remove nails as well!

2. A Drill Driver

This power tool is a great addition to your tool box because they are so versatile. Cordless driver drills and rotary hammer drills are great for getting jobs done without having to worry about tripping over cords whilst trying to work.

2. A Power Drill

You can find the best power drills for sale online at some unbelievable price. When you need extra power for tough jobs that regular drivers can't handle. or need to complete repetitive fastening jobs with speed, an impact wrench can provide the increased torque you require.

3. A Cordless Impact Wrench

Having a cordless impact wrench handy around the home is great when you need a high powered tool to get the job done. For greater control over your work, an impact wrench is a professional quality tool that features a variable speed trigger and electric brake.

4. An Impact Driver

An affordable impact driver will give you need extra power for tough jobs! Avoid hand tools and get the job done super quick and done right!.

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