Top 4 Unique Baby Gifts That Can’t Go Wrong

Coleen Paller 13/07/2016

Almost everyone knows a cute little bub that deserves all the attention and love they can get from every person around them. Or maybe not, they could be a little bratty, but still- undeniably, little babies are absolutely adorable and as such, they deserve adorable gifts as well.

Baby gift stores are packed with many toys, clothes and goodies for babies. But the idea is to find gifts for a little bub that is tasteful, unique and will make a lasting impression for years to come.


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Animal Onesie

While babies are definitely well-acquainted with onesies, make the special effort to get a onesie that stands out in the crowd and can truly emulate the cute look of any animal. Some onesies have complete sets of characteristics, like lion onesies with tails, manes and paw mittens. If it looks over-the-top enough that a baby can wear it for baby calendar photoshoot, you’re on the right track.


Pram Accessories

Many parents have already bought baby pram strollers from online but more than often these strollers are quite plain with a toy or two inside. Get a set of stroller attachments that can be interchangeable with different characters or different learning activities. Don’t just buy a couple, make sure to get a complete set so they’ll never get bored!


Carrier Canopy

Baby carriers are quite bulky and heavy items, and usually they are not designed to be too pleasing to the eye. Many mums and dads usually have a cloth they make do with and attach to the edge of the carrier whenever they needed it. But there is a much better solution. Attachable, custom made canopies can be bought that easily fit into handles and edges of carriers and will easily cover the baby from excessive light and wind.


Mermaid Tail Blanket

Now you can really never go wrong. These blankets shaped like a mermaid fish tail are cozy, safe and perfect for the colder months. Plus, they come with amazing photo opportunities to prove that they are the cutest baby mermaid. Ever. These blankets usually fit babies of all sizes, with some even being adjustable with drawstrings and buttons.


Babies seem to have it all, especially if their parents spoil them with many nice things and toys. But you can always take a step forward and get a gift that they will truly enjoy and remember even when they get older. There’s also that possibility for you to become their favourite aunt/uncle.

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