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Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Man Cave

James 24/08/2015

We have all heard of the mysterious man cave. A room in the home where sports can be watched uninterrupted, where beers can be sipped and where trophies can sit proudly on a shelf. Usually a garage or spare room, these caves are a pride and joy for many husbands and fathers around the globe. But what do you do when your home doesn’t have a spare room? Where do you make your cave if the garage needs to be used for cars and storage? The answer is simple – you take it outside.

Rather than confine yourself to a four walled space, turn your outdoor entertainment area into a place you can be proud of and enjoy spending time in.

1. Furnish with the best

No man cave is complete without comfortable furniture. Select some pieces that are durable and perfect for extended relaxation. Attach a hammock to the supports of your pergola to add extra luxury to your outdoor area or a dining table for drinks and BBQs with the mates. Choosing the right cheap outdoor furniture is an important step of turning your backyard into the ideal replacement to a man cave.

2. Fire up a barbeque and dine under the stars

Can you barbeque in your spare bedroom? No. Can you light a fire in your home? Not usually. An indoor man cave has limitations that your backyard doesn’t. Adding a charcoal grill or impressive six burner BBQ to your backyard space can instantly turn it into a secondary dining area. Invite the boys over for a feast or sit around a warm cast iron fire pit. The greatest thing about your backyard is its versatility. Enjoy the fresh air and take your man cave to a new level.

3. Take your entertainment outdoors

With a well-built pergola overhead you can take all of your indoor cave items to the outdoors. A pool table, dart board and even a TV can all be shifted to your outdoor area as long as you have the right measures in place to protect them from the elements. Look into installing an outdoor projector for the big sport events or even some outdoor blinds to keep the wind and rain at bay during cooler months.

Whether you are thinking of creating a space for yourself, or perhaps you want to encourage your dad to utilise his unused backyard, begin with a few pieces of well-placed furniture and a BBQ and the rest will soon fall into place.

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