Using Technology to Manage your Time

Abdul Musawwir 10/11/2015

Humans are busy creatures. Our lives are full with work, study, family, friends, interests and hobbies. Some people seem to have a great control over things while others don’t. However, we have all been given the same 24 hours to work with. It’s a matter or organising your day and utilising your spare time. Let’s take a look at 3 ways technology can help you master your time.

1. Keeping track of your time

To best utilise your time, you need to keep track of how much you have and how much of it you spend. It is important to keep track of your time to make sure everything you set out to do gets completed and you aren’t working on borrowed time. Some tools to help keep track of time are: watches to monitor your time blocks, alarms to remind you when you have exceeded your limit and calendars to mark important times and dates. If these tried and tested tools work, then why try to change them? Yet nowadays all these tools can be found on one device, so we should exploit the centrality of our gadgets or smart phones to help us manage our time and schedules. Having your various alarms and calendar tools are functions that we expect smartphones to come with but are often underused.

2. Breaking up tasks and using lists

The first example showed us we can use our gadgets to keep up with our appointments and our schedule. Of course, that assumed we even had one of those. Equally as important as dividing your time accordingly, is making sure you know what for and why you are dividing your time. Writing down in advance, or listing, the important things to do as well as what you want to accomplish for the day, week or month is very important. This organisational technique puts everything in front of you and is great for visual learners. You should make sure to analyse which event will take the most time or effort to finish and allot an appropriate time; which you can monitor with the techniques mentioned above. Looking at how our gadgets can further assist us in our endeavours, there are a whole lot of apps and programs that make it easier to make and keep our lists. (also, this means a significant lack of wasted paper!). Some of these apps are “Clear” for iOS ($589), “Google Keep” for Android and “HabitRPG” for those into the gamifycation craze. These apps utilise smartphone functions, such as touch screen swiping and pulling down, sounds and animations, to supplement your lists in ways not possible before.

3. Embracing Apps

We have just seen how apps can be used to create things that, for many digital savvy users, are easier and more convenient. If you look into it you will find apps being made for organising all kinds of aspects of your life; aspects you didn’t even think needed organising! Perhaps that is the best part about our integrated gadgets, the only limitation is your creativity. With cloud technology becoming more available, it is possible to sync all your digital organisers with those of your friends, family or colleagues. Other apps you may want to look into are the “BigOven” app which syncs your favourite recipes into your shopping lists, “Evernote” which acts as a middle point for all your notes or ‘24me’ which acts as your own personal assistant utilizing similar note-keeping and calendar tools.




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