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Weight Loss Tips for a Summer Body

Louisa Russell 28/09/2015

After a long winter of watching Netflix whilst eating pizza, there is a high chance that you feel sluggish and not as light as you used to feel. Whilst it is difficult to quickly transition from one lifestyle to the next without enduring after dinner cravings, there are some simple actions you can put in place gradually to achieve a toned body.

Good Quality Workout Clothes

To get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle, wear workout clothes to remind you of your goal to exercise and eat healthy. If you wear a set of cute of workout clothes you will feel in the mood to exercise. Ensure you purchase workout clothes that are comfortable and that assist in performing workouts more effectively. For instance you will push yourself harder in compression leggings as opposed to black fashion leggings. Compression leggings will prevent sweat and encourage flexibility. Purchasing good quality sneakers or runners is the biggest factor to an effective workout as they protect your knees and enable better grip.

Meal Plan for the Week

It may be hard to force yourself to eat clean at the beginning as you have developed habits. The best way to avoid eating fast food or something unhealthy because you can’t be bothered cooking is to have your meals prepared for the week. As many foods expire after a few days, the best way to target this issue is to freeze your fresh meals for the coming week. If the products do not expire just pack them in plastic containers. Research high protein meal ideas if you get stuck on preparation methods.

  • Purchase plastic containers from a supermarket.
  • Purchase protein foods to have as your main food source (tofu,chicken, salmon, fish, beef, seafood, and beef).
  • Purchase salad leaves and green vegetables.
  • Purchase nuts and fruits for a snack.
  • Split up into portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Buy a protein powder replacement meal for when you get sick of your pre planned meals.

Drink Green Tea and Water Prior to Every Meal

Green tea has metabolism boosting effects and can burn extra calories. Drinking water or green tea prior to every meal will prevent you from mistaking thirst for hunger. You will also eat smaller portions and feel better!

Cut Out High Carbohydrate Foods

Eating high protein foods will keep you fuller for longer and takes more energy to digest. High carb foods are digested more quickly, retain water and cause blood sugar spikes making you feel unmotivated and sluggish. Maintain complex carbs such as vegetables to get enough fibre for digestion and to prevent bowel issues.

Walk 15 Minutes A Day

Walking 15 minutes a day may not seem like much but it will all add up in terms of energy burnt. It will also slowly tone your body and assist in healthy bowl movements.

Take A Before and After Photo

Taking an after photo will remind you of your accomplishments and help motivate you. As it is a long process to get fit, it may be discouraging at times to not see instantaneous results. Photos will capture the effort you have put in.

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