What to look for when buying a new mattress

Tania Griffen 1/07/2015

So you have the bed base but want to replace the mattress because it has worn out or lost its supportiveness? Before you drop your hard earned cash on the newest king single mattress you can find, take a look at these tips.


Talk to people who have recently purchased a new mattress and get their impressions on how well it has lasted, but, most importantly, talk to your doctor. They can assess your general health and well-being, and while your GP is probably not a sleep expert, they can offer sound guidance regarding your requirements.

Discover your firmness threshold

A hard mattress isn’t always better for your back and nothing can make going to bed less enjoyable than something that feels like sleeping on a rock. The best type of mattress is one that provides firm support, without necessarily feeling like it is hard. Try before you buy by heading to a variety of stores and having a lie down to think about it.

Consider your partner

Buying a mattress for two people is a different kettle of fish than for just one. Roll together is a real thing and low-quality or too-soft mattresses will just exacerbate problems and cause many sleepless nights.

Check the warranty and return policy

Find out if you can swap it if you are not completely happy after a certain period and double check if there are any specific conditions regarding this. A mattress is an important investment and most places are understanding about how preferences can change once you have it home, but always check when making your purchase.

It’s all about personal preference

The most important tip is that a mattress is a personal thing and salespeople can’t tell you yours. If they talk about coil counts or springs per square inch, bear in mind they are trying to sell you something, anything, and probably don’t have your best interests at heart. Go into the

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