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What You Need For The Perfect Nursery

Coleen Paller 22/09/2016

If you are looking to make the perfect room for your baby, they only deserve the best. A comforting room where they can relax, have everything they need while being a safe haven for you. Parenting can be stressful but a nursery that is comfortable and feels calming will definitely help greatly with reducing your stress. Besides just designing your nursery to be pleasing to the eye, make sure to carefully consider the elements you will buy for the room.

These elements should also be comfortable and useful to you, not just for the baby or for design. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when perfecting your nursery and getting baby furniture online and in store.



Think beyond just the design of the cot when you’re shopping around. Take note of its dimensions and capacity, while comparing it to cot bedding sizes. This way all your baby bedding will always fit comfortably, the last thing you would want is for the bedding to be large and overcrowded, which will result in having less resting space for your baby. When looking for baby cots for sale, make sure you always check the brand’s background, certifications and safety checks conducted on the products.


Relaxing Armchair

Most parents tend to opt for a well-designed chair in a color that matches or complements their nursery, without really checking how comfortable it is. In a nursery you will be feeding, cradling and even staying overnight if your baby happens to need constant supervision. You need an armchair that will support your back and shoulders, a chair that will still feel comfortable after many hours of sitting and lying down.


Ambient Light

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While regular ceiling lights and bright lamps with nice designs seem to be the first choice for many parents, they don’t take into consideration how those type of lights can strain your eyes. Under normal circumstances it won’t strain your eyes, but what about after hours of cradling and feeding, or at 3 am in the morning? A sepia toned lamp or nightlight is more friendly to tired eyes, so make sure to get one for your nursery.


A nursery is a haven for a baby, but it should be a haven for you too since you are the one caring for them.

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