What You Need To Know About Mattress Toppers

Coleen Paller 15/09/2016

Most people stop at buying a quilt or a set of sheets for their bed, but a mattress topper is really what tops off the experience of a comfortable bed. Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives and neglecting to make your bed the comfiest it can be can have serious consequences, such as disrupting your rest. Having less rest can simply degrade your quality of life, leading to constant sleepiness, fatigue and tiredness, which can affect your daily tasks.

A mattress topper can make such a big difference to your life because of how it can improve your sleep. Make sure to pick the right type and have the right advice in mind when you finally get to shopping for one. There are several types of toppers made of different materials, pick the best one for your needs.




One of the newer types of mattress toppers, this material is quite innovative as it is good for spinal problems and forms to your shape so that it can relieve different pressure aches in your body. Not only is it eco-friendly, but bamboo material is very soft and comfy for picky sleepers. Many of these bamboo mattress toppers don’t even cost more than a couple of hundred dollars and they are very much worth it.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress topper is the latest technology in body contour. It shifts to the curves of your body so that it can fully support any position you take on the bed, providing an extra layer of cushioning to ensure your sleep. They can be a little pricey, but memory foam technology can definitely be more suitable for those who hate the spring feeling of their mattresses that resist their body weight. This can only lead more strain.


Most mattress toppers are quite comfortable, but if you truly want softness a featherbed topper is the best choice for you. Unlike foam that just absorbs your body’s shape, the feathers provide a light but fluffy cushioned feel that makes your body feel softly supported. They can be quite expensive, depending on the type of down and the density you would prefer for your bed. This is definitely a more luxurious choice for sensitive sleepers.

Once you’ve chosen your type of material, keep these important factors in mind before you finally take home the topper that you’ve always wanted.

Firm, Medium Or Soft

There are different builds of toppers, while some are originally thicker than other types, specific types have a spectrum of their own too. A firm topper will be a light covering for those who do not want too much cushioning from their topper, it will keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your belly. A medium topper will be better for those who sleep on their back for extra spine and neck support. Finally, a soft topper is perfect for those who sleep on their side as it will conform to the curves of their body.


If you have certain allergy sensitivities, you can definitely opt for a topper that is labelled as hypoallergenic. They will prevent any allergy attacks and generally lead to a more peaceful sleep. Usually, all you have to do is check for the right labels, hypoallergenic toppers are usually not so different to ordinary toppers in price.

Buy The Same Size As Your Mattress

It seems to be common sense, but there are many people who seem to believe that topper sizes will have to a size larger smaller than their bed for them to be truly comfortable. This is not true. Pick the right size, the exact size of your mattress and though sometimes there might be a little allowance, it will the best fit and will minimize slipping and shifting.

Watch For Toxic Chemicals

If you’re buying lesser known brands of toppers, make sure to always check the label and the materials they are made of. If you see any suspicious sounding chemical terms, make sure to ask the store you are buying from for more information or do your own research before purchasing. Check that the topper you buy passes the relevant certifications for bedding in your country or state.



Don’t be afraid to do more research about the toppers that you want to buy and how to install them. There are also many other comprehensive guides out there that can give you even more specific information on materials such as scientific studies, research papers and testimonials. Search for reviews of specific brands and types of toppers to see what other people think. A topper that you buy should last you years so it is important that when you pick one for your home bedding, that you will only pick the one that is best for you.

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