Which Riding Toy Is The Best For Your Child?

Coleen Paller 14/09/2016

At some point in their lives, children usually receive a bike or a scooter, a riding toy that they can enjoy in the outdoors and in the backyard. But there is an even more unique gift that you can give that will be memorable for them to use and enjoy- ride on vehicles. Go beyond the traditional bike or scooter and give them a vehicle that will make them feel as if they were driving a car like you do or even riding a horse like a jockey!

Children can be quite picky but the more unique a gift is, the more likely they will show a curiosity towards it. Make your present stand out with these amazing ideas.


Rocking Horse

If you want something a little more traditional, a kids rocking horse would be a great gift that can even last your family generations while being passed down between children. The simple action of rocking in them is still enjoyable, no matter how many other devices and modern toys come out, there is a novelty to it. Pick a sweet and personal design when you buy one, because it will most likely be in the family for years to come.


Push-Pedal Toys

Many parents are very cautious of their children’s health and it makes sense as obesity is becoming a larger issue than it ever has been before in both kids and adults. If you want a toy that will also provide some exercise for your child, get a push and pedal riding toy that they can cycle with. They will have the stylish, protected feel of a car but the cardio exercise a bike can offer.


Electric Cars

These are definitely the newest trend. Kids electric ride on cars that mimic real life cars are a dream come true for many children who’d love to play driver or sports car racer. Get them their favourite model and design and power up the car, so they can feel like they are driving just like any other grownup.


With so many devices for kids being released regularly, children are forgetting the thrill from outdoor riding. Reinvent their idea of riding with these toys and they’ll be thanking you for it.

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