Why Quality Matters When it Comes To Headphones

Abdul Musawwir 17/12/2015




The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it brings holiday shopping and a season of gift giving and receiving. We all want to try and start buying gifts for loved ones early, but life and sometimes the tantalization of end of year sales pushes our shopping to later in the year. A new pair of headphones is a great idea for a gift; either as part of larger gift bundle or by itself. Headphones have become something more than a computer accessory in our lives and have both professional as well as recreational uses. However there is one piece of advice I would like to give to anyone considering putting these on his or her gift list.

Do not sacrifice quality for price. A saying like ‘Don’t buy cheap gifts’ should be a general rule, especially around this time, but allow me to try to further explain myself. As is with most electronic (and probably non-electronic) goods there is a correlation between the cost and quality of the item; also quite often this correlation is not linear. The trick is to find the ‘sweet-spot’ somewhere between spending not enough and spending too much. This is also where you might find high-quality, non-mainstream brands or other unusually cheap gear. Short of encouraging you to spend more money, I am asking you to consider the quality of accessory you buy and will explain why.

Headphones are no longer restricted to the desktop computer nor listening to music in your room. Thanks to the iPod and smartphones, headphones are being used by more people and in more mobile situations. Headphones have to move around a lot more and also have to compete with more noises that in your room; noise-cancelling headphones are an option for people who feel they need this. However what’s important about the increased mobility of headphone usage is that headphones are subject to more force and potential damage. Tangled and frayed wires are all too common in the daily life of iPod users.

Advice for picking headphones (or any other electronic devices): do your research. There are many different brands of headphones and many different additional features. Ideally most users would want something a little more durable and comfortable; given that so much more of our time seems to be spent ‘plugged in’. Don’t worry, it is the time for shopping so I think there’ll be many outlets to find the ideal gift you’re looking for. Happy hunting!


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